#6 You are in different regiments

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Please note, this chapter isn't one of my best. I'm sorry. The next one will be better. Promise.


"Hey, Annie", you call her name as you ride beside her with your horse, "Today is your day off, right?" She tilts her head a little bit, while you jump down to talk to her on the same eye level. "Yes, how do you know and what are you doing here?", she replies still confused.

Smirking you cross your arms in front of your chest, "That are a lot of questions. I'm here, because I matched my day off with yours. So we can spend a little bit time together since we are in different regiments."

Annie stays emotionless as always, but you can see the change in her clear blue eyes. "Ah, I made someone happy here. It was me a pleasure", you playfully bow down with the reigns in your hand. The blonde soldier rolls her eyes annoyed by your attitude.

"Why are you doing this for me?", she wants to know as you two start to take a walk together. "Why not? We are a couple. Aren't we supposed to spend time together? How is it going in the Military Police?", you reply honest. Your horse rests its head onto Annie's shoulder. Slightly smiling said soldier strokes its head. At least she is fond of your horse.

"It is okay. I have to admit... it is not the same without you", Annie mumbles under her breath, but you hear her words anyway. Smirking you wiggle your eyebrows, "I know, I miss you too. Let's enjoy the time we have right now. Take a seat on my best companion here."

Annie follows your lead and takes a seat behind you on the horse, "Where are we going?" The smirk on your lips transforms into a bright smile, "Nowhere and everywhere. Joke aside, just riding around." She wraps her arms around your midsection to steady herself.

"So we are going on an adventure", after all this time together, finally, your sarcastic and funny side rubs off on her. "Yes, we are pioneers on our way outside ... or not", you stop your horse in front of Levi, your captain. "Back to work, brat..."


"Hey, [Y/L/N]! Here, a letter for you. Well, a blonde coconut brought this for you", one of your comrades holds out the little folded envelope for you. A slight smile appears on your lips, "You know his name is Armin, not blonde coconut, but thank you."

It is not the first letter you get from him. Since you two are in different regiments, Armin sends a ton of letter between the times you can't see each other. You actually can't wait to read it so you open the envelope in front of your comrade, not caring if he reads the letter or not.

Dear [Y/N],

I hope this letter arrives you in good condition.

And I also hope your week is going well, even if we can't see each other. I don't want to trigger any emotions, but I really do miss you. Just so you know I am still utterly in love with you. Nothing has changed since my last letter.

I am fine, thank you for asking. I know you are always wondering how I am right now. I am good, but not as good as I am when you are by my side, of course. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that has happened this week to write about, which is quite good, right?

When nothing happens in the Survey Corps, it means that I am still ... alive. Oh, that goes into a direction I didn't want to go. I am sorry.

Well, I really love you and miss you.

I hope we can see each other hopefully soon!

Armin (apparently the blonde coconut boy)

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