#20 You are reunited in modern day

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A heavy sigh escapes your mouth, as you raise your hand to knock on the door in front of you. To make the best first impression you force a smile onto your lips. The knocks on the wooden door hall in your head over and over again.

Your mood is somewhere downwards in the cellar, since you haven't found Annie or any of your former friends yet. Your lonely heart longs to have your family back. Every day you see happy people around you, while you are still on your own. Will this ever change?

You are completely lost in your thoughts, as the door gets opened in front of you. "[Y/N]?", a familiar voice says your name, so you lift up your head instantly. Your surprised [E/C] eyes meet Annie's clear blue ones. Neither of you know what to say or do.

The two of you just keep staring at each other, until Annie raises her hand. Her fingers hover only an inch over your cheek. She doesn't dare to touch you, fearing that you might vanish once again. All the time she waited for you to come back to her, and now you are standing right in front of her.

"Annie, I-I thought I would never find you again!", you take a step forward to wrap her up in your arms. She isn't really fond of being close to another person, but right now she is happy to be with you. Annie closes her eyes and buries her face in your shirt. Your intoxicating scent lulls her in. It shows her how much she missed you.

"I just moved into the apartment next to yours. Thank you, fate", you can't believe your luck right now. A long time it played a cruel game with you. Apparently, you suffered enough to be all alone. Annie takes a step back to see your face once again.

"It's okay", she wipes the lonely tear on your cheek away. Without a word you lean forward to capture her lips with yours. You will not waste another second waiting for the only thing you wished for in your life. Annie.


Armin lets wander his fingertips over the different backs of the books on the shelf. Every title tells another story, but right now the blonde boy can't focus his attention on them. He is not here to find a new book to read. The shy boy is here to get his daily comfort.

Sure, he could go to his best friends, Eren and Mikasa, but they probably don't understand what he is going through. His poor heart longs to see a special person for so long already. Why did fate decide to rip you away from his side? To have you back in his arms is the only thing he wishes for.

Armin takes one of his favorite books from the shelf to get lost in another world for a few hours. He lost count how much time he had to spend on his own. The books help him to endure the pain for a certain time. But he needs you in his life to fully live.

To his surprise someone else takes the book from the shelve on the exact same space, where his were a few seconds ago. Clear [E/C] eyes meet his blue ones. Armin knows immediately it must be you on the other side of the shelf. Only you bring his heart to beat so fast in his chest.

"Armin", his name rolls of your tongue, just how he remembered. Both of you let go of your books, rushing towards the end of the book shelves. Neither of you dares to touch the other one, scared to find out this moment is just a beautiful illusion.

"[Y/N]", tears start to pool in Armin's eyes. You make the first move by wrapping your arms around his torso. The shy boy rubs comforting circles onto your back. No more words are spoken. The silence means more than thousand words.

Your own happy tears wet Armin's shirt, while your mind slowly process that you got him finally back by your side. Armin places a soft kiss onto your head. He thanks everyone and everything for this pure perfect moment. May this one follow many more.

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