Welcome, Ymir - Catch Up Chapter

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How you meet

Your first day in the 104th Cadet Corps wasn't that bad. There was a lot to laugh about when Keith Shadis made his way through the rows of soldiers. The most of them were completely scared by the old man, but you just found it amusing.

Like the bickering between Eren and Jean.

"Wow, so much manliness. I am overwhelmed. I just wish their brain would do have the same size as their stupidity", you mumble to yourself, as a slight smirk appears on your lips. To your surprise you hear someone laughing from the table next to yours.

"That was a good one! My name is Ymir", the brown-haired girl holds out her hand for you to grab. You shake her hand for a moment, "Thank you, I'm [Y/N]." Ymir nods to the empty place on her right side, "Want to join me? I could use some more sarcasm in this bored life."

You actually wanted to stay with yourself, because you know that most of the cadets will not make it very far. So, you don't want to befriend one of them. But Ymir seems like a tough one.

"Sure", you get up from your seat to take the place on Ymir's right side. "Hey, you made a new friend! My name is Christa!", a blonde goddess joins the two of you. Once again you shake a hand and introduce yourself.

"What a show. I am so damn impressed. I can't wait to see them sparring tomorrow", you say totally unimpressed by Eren's move to throw Jean onto the ground. Ymir pats your shoulder smirking, "I already like you. Training will be so much fun by our side."

Christa furrows her eyebrows, while she pushes her elbow into Ymir's side, "Don't be so mean, you two." You roll your eyes playfully annoyed, "It is just the truth. It's not my fault it hurts." Ymir can't help herself but laugh, "You can't handle the sass. You can't handle this ass."

The two of you know each other just for a few minutes, but you share a high five like best friends for years. "Where did I get myself into?", Christa asks herself sighing.

Accidently touching hands

Since the first dinner together, the three of you are inseparable. But most of the time Ymir is trying to get Christa's full attention, while you crave for Ymir's really bad. The super good friendship turned into a damn love triangle.

Annoyed you roll your eyes, as Ymir makes fun of the other soldiers to get out a laugh from Christa. "Oh, come on. A little laugh will not kill you", she puts her arm around her blond friend. A quiet sigh escapes your mouth, as you point at Jean, "What a show. Horse-face tries his luck with Mikasa once again."

Out of the corner of your eye you hope to see a reaction from Ymir. "You two are doing it again. Those are our comrades", Christa pushes the brown-haired girl away. At least she tries, Ymir has a damn iron grip in times of need.

"Christa, it's our way of having fun. We love each one of them to death, right?", the sarcasm can be heard clearly dripping from your voice. "Sure", and a short chuckle is everything that comes from Ymir, before she focuses her attention on Christa again.

"Oh, Sasha and Connie have this look. Enjoy the show!", you grab Christa's shoulder to keep her from walking away. Apparently, Ymir had the same idea, and her hand lands over yours. For a brief moment your whole body stiffens due to the feeling of her skin on yours.

A faint pinch of red appears on your cheek, while you draw back your hand. Away from the warmness and safety, which feels like home. Christa notices the heat on your face. Her blue eyes shift from Ymir towards you, then back. The puzzle pieces result in a big picture. She knows exactly what is going on between the two of you.

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