#15 Spin The Bottle

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To all the people, who leave hate comments, I just want to let you know, that I am not going to answer them. They will get deleted. Me and my friends have here a good time, and I will not let you ruin that. So, please just leave us be. Thank you!


It is a beautiful night under the starry sky.

"How did they manage to convince you to play this game?", you ask Mikasa, who sits on your right side. "Sasha and Hanji literally teared me away from my bed. How about you?", she replies in the same hushed tone. Almost laughing you shake your head slowly. "Same here. I had no idea how strong both of they are", is your answer.

"This is going to be so much fun", Hanji exclaims, playing around with the bottle in her hands, as she explains the simple rules. Your [E/C] eyes look around in the circle, counting how many people Hanji forced to play her game. Well, most of them are probably here for the fun, but a few not.

Sasha on your left side jumps up and down on her place on the ground. Her hyper attitude makes you a little bit jumpy, too, but you keep your playfully grumpy facial expression.

"Keep it cool, Sasha. You are making me nervous over here. It is just a game", you try to calm her down with a slight smirk on your lips. Suddenly, she grabs your shoulders with her hands and pulls you closer to her, "Just a game? Do you know what we are talking about here?!"

Surprised your [E/C] eyes widen shocked. You had no idea how serious Sasha takes the little game. Softly you push her out of your personal space, "It's okay. I didn't know. Damn, you are scary, Sasha." Some of the soldiers start to laugh due to your comment. Mikasa pats your shoulder in a friendly way.

"Let's start the game!", Hanji says to get everyone's full attention. The female soldier looks around in the circle trying to find her perfect victim. Dreaming of your soft and warm bed, you let out a sigh. Why did you agree to play a game in the middle of the night? Ah, you remember. Hanji forced you to.

"This is serious, [Y/N]!", Sasha next to you notices that you are away with your head. "Stop it! You sound like you just joined a cult or something!", you tear her hand of your shoulder. Damn, she has an iron grip.

"Do us an honor and be the first one, [Y/N]", Hanji holds out the bottle right in your face. "Why me? Sasha here is the cult master... Okay! Give me that!", you take the bottle as you see the determination in Sasha's brown eyes. You give the bottle in front of you a good push, starting the game, which might change your life. Maybe in a good way or not. We will see...


You keep your [E/C] eyes on the spinning bottle, hoping it would never stop. Now there is no going back, you can feel the nervousness starting to bubble in your chest. What if you get your crush, but you get rejected... in front of everyone! What have you done?

It seems like an eternity until the bottle slows down, and finally stopping. You throw a short glance in Annie's direction. Nothing on her face gives away, that she is actually excited or happy to share a kiss with you. Her cold facial expression lets sink your self-esteem even more.

"Can I go back to my room, when I am done?", Annie breaks the uncomfortable silence with a question. Hanji nods in agreement, actually intimidated by her grumpy face, "Sure, first a kiss, then you can go ahead." Apparently satisfied with her answer, Annie makes her way into the middle of the circle. Extremely nervous by now, you follow her move.

No one of the soldiers is brave enough to whistle or make a bold comment. They all have seen Annie fighting, and that's enough to keep quiet.

You let her take over, since you are too afraid to press a simple kiss onto her lips. Afraid to get rejected and beaten up afterwards. Annie leans forward, clearly determined to give you a kiss on the cheek. Against your sake you turn your head just right in time to capture her lips with yours.

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