5# First kiss

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Finally, today is the day. The day you dreamed of.

You are ready to join the regiment of your choice.

"So, it is probably time to say goodbye for a while", Annie next to you mumbles under her breath, "You are going to be one of the best." Of course, she knows you always wanted to join the Scouts. That is the reason why you joined the military first hand. As always your blonde friend looks emotionless, but after three years together you can hear the sadness in her voice.

Without a word you follow her as it is time to find your regiment. Your new dream since you are under the top ten. "Well, I guess you are not going to get rid of me, Annie", you reply smirking still walking with her side by side. You rather join the Military Police than to leave her.

Suddenly Annie stops mid-step as she hears your words. You notice the confusion on her face. As the good friend you are, you try to hold back your laugh. It is the first time you ever see her utterly confused. And to be honest, it's freaking hilarious.

"What about the Scouts? They were your big dream since you joined", rolling your eyes smirking you take her hand in yours. "Maybe my dream changed since I met you. The Scouts are nothing without you by my side", is your lovely answer, while you squeeze your hand softly.

Annie doesn't know what to say. She is just absolutely stunned by your decision. "You know, that is the part where you thank me and I just wave my hand around in a dismissive gesture. Then we walk together into the sunset just like...", you can't end your sentence anymore. Annie cuts you off by pressing her lips onto yours. That is the only way that feels right ... and shuts you up, finally.

"That was way better than the way I suggested", like always you reply sarcastically smirking. Annie just rolls her eyes annoyed and continues her walk. "Yeah, I love you, too", you follow her nevertheless.


"Hey, Armin. I was looking for you. Is something wrong?", you finally find the blonde soldier all alone in the woods. You just heard that something went wrong during training and Eren got injured. "Everything is wrong. Why am I even here?", he asks you with tears in his eyes.

As fast as possible you take a seat right next to him and wrap your arms around this precious soul. "Hey, you are here, because you are a soldier like me, Mikasa, Eren. You deserve to be here." Armin shakes his head furiously, "No, not at all. I am supposed to protect the people I love. But I can't. Everyone is better than me."

Suddenly you cup his face so he has to look at you, "Stop talking like that. I will not stay here and watch you destroying yourself. You are perfect the way you are. I am sure you could protect me if it is necessary. Armin, please, stop."

The blonde boy leans into the touch of your hands. "Can you promise me to try to see the things a little bit brighter? I am really worried", you ask him feeling the tears start to well in your eyes. Armin puts his hands onto yours softly, "If you keep loving me the way you do. You give me strength."

A slight smile appears on your lips, "I will never stop loving you. No matter what might happen. As long as I live. Promise." A little bit calmer you lean your forehead against his. Armin gathers up all his braveness, "I love you too. I really do. I can't imagine my life without you anymore."

"I hoped to hear that from you for such a long time", a single tear escapes your eye so he wipes it away with his thumb. "I'm sorry that it took me so long", he replies happy you are feeling the same for him. You lean forward to place a short but soft kiss onto his lips.

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