#13 You are a warrior

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Spoilers ahead as always!

I am sorry, it is definitely not one of my best chapters. The next one will better. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Annie's, Bertholdt's and Reiner's part are different for some odd reason xD

Note: Your titan form is one of the most feared ones. As a fifteen-meter-high titan made out of pure muscle mass, you are still athletic, fast and flexible. Almost the best mixture to be a perfect killer. That's why your form is called the Athletic Titan.


You keep running as fast as possible, hoping you will be not too late already.

There she stands in front of the steps unharmed. "Annie!", you scream as loud as possible to get her full attention. Unfortunately, it also alarms Armin, Eren and Mikasa. The blonde soldier uses his flare, giving the sign for the soldiers to attack.

"What are you doing?! Annie is the traitor! Stop it!", Eren yells at you, as you push away one of the soldiers, who are trying to tie Annie up. "[Y/N] is also a traitor", Mikasa understands your reaction immediately. "No, she can't be! She doesn't know it probably! [Y/N] is different", Armin exclaims with his widened blue eyes. The shy cadet presses the flare gun against his chest, hoping Mikasa is wrong with her guess.

"Get off of her, you bastards!", you take out your blades, cutting your way through the soldiers. But there are way too many, so you bury the sharp blade in your hand, using the pain to transform into your titan form. Lighting appears around you, while the strong wind knocks the soldier off their feet.

"[Y/N] is the Athletic Titan!", Eren exclaims shocked as he stares at your gigantic body made out of pure muscle mass. "I knew it", Mikasa takes out her blades, ready to slice the nape of your neck. Armin just stands there, not understanding the world anymore.

You were always such a nice person, especially towards him. He might have developed a crush on you during the last years, but you destroyed his hopes with your transformation. You were the enemy all along.

The attacking Scouts you easily wipe them away with your hands or crush them beneath your foot.

"Thank you for saving me. We have to end the mission", Annie thanks you, after she landed on your shoulder with the help of her gear. "And don't worry. I will keep a watch for your neck", the blonde soldier adds with a slight smirk on her lips.

You raise both of your hands, ready to end your mission, finally.


Armin enters the stables, playing around with his hands to overplay the fact, that they are shaking. You swirl around the broom in your hands gracefully. As always, a slight smile rests on your face. The blonde soldier fears this conversation, but it is necessary.

"Hey, Armin", you notice his presence happily. It is a nice change of scenery. Now and then, when Armin has time to spare, he would visit you during your tasks. "Is something bothering you?", the cloud of nervousness around him is clearly to see and feel. He keeps his clear blue eyes glued to the ground, not daring to show you the panic in them.

"Yes, I need to talk to you. I-I ... You k-know A-Annie ... A-Are you also a titan shifter?", he stutters his question, nevertheless you catch every word. That typical smile on your lips fades away, while your grip around the broom tightens. You know, it would happen one day, and still you aren't prepared for this situation at all.

"You know the answer already, don't you? Please, look at me", you don't answer his question right away. Armin raises his head, and his blue eyes meet your [E/C] ones. You notice the panic in them, but he doesn't fear you. After all those lies you told, he still admires you.

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