Jean Kirschstein x Fem!Reader ~ The Newbie - Alternative Universe

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Hey, everyone.

I just wanted to apologize that I butchered this poor story – Especially Jean's character. I wanted to write something, but my creativity flow isn't the best the last few days. Sorry about that. I hope you still enjoy this little one. And I try to write some preferences, since it's what this book is about. Except you are enjoying these stories much more than the preferences. Let me know, please! 😊

Have fun, and dream :3

An unbearably heavy sigh escapes your lips.

The students around you rush unexcitedly to their classrooms with their friends by their side on a typical Monday morning. A few of them throw confused glances into your direction, which you ignore simply. You are used to them after all this time moving from one town to another one.

Everywhere you get the same old mark from the students.

You are the new kid.

Holding your head high, you continue your walk through the unknown hallway. Someone shoved a piece of paper into your hand, where is noted which room you are supposed to be in. Unfortunately, you don't really care if you are late or not, so you take your time strolling around. You are not giving your best to memorize the classrooms or any detail at all.

"Uh, hello? You seem to be new here", a voice snaps you out of your rather sad thoughts. You turn your head to face the boy properly. Unimpressed by his nice look you shake your head slowly, "No, I am just doing sightseeing here, freckles. Could you leave me alone?"

An ice-cold silence takes over the hallway suddenly. It's like every student is holding their breath, as their eyes land on you. It's like you just insulted Jesus himself. The boy, who tried to welcome you, stops mid-step. He is clearly shocked by your choice of words. You almost regret your sarcastic reply. Almost.

Without a further word you make your way towards the classroom you have your first lesson in.

Jean pats Marco's shoulder in a friendly way, "Nice start into this week, my friend." He is slightly amused by your sarcasm. "Did I say something wrong?", the freckled boy wonders worried if he had hurt your feelings somehow. "Nah, she is just a troublemaker searching for attention", Jean guesses what your problem might be.

His honey-colored eyes follow you down the hallway. He has to admit you are pretty to look at. The way you sway your hips as you walk, and the confidence lingering in the air around you. Jean could get used to this breathtaking view every day.

"Or maybe she feels uncomfortable in the new school. I can remember our first day here. I was terrified", Marco keeps talking not noticing that his friend is gone with his mind. "Don't worry your little head. Let's get into class", Jean mumbles absently under his breath.

What a coincidence that the two boys have to go into the same direction as you do. So, Jean can enjoy the beautiful view for a little longer. "Maybe I should have introduced myself first", Marco keeps rambling about what he might have done wrong.

And all the time you can feel his eyes on your backside. Having enough of this not wanted attention, you turn around and take a deep breath to let out your anger. Jean can feel the heat creeping onto his cheeks, that you actually caught him staring.

"Oh, you must be the new student Levi told me about! Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Hanji Zoe and I am the science teacher!", the overhyped woman appears out of nowhere in front of you. She shakes your hand a little bit too rough, which overwhelms you completely. When you can't use your sarcasm, you feel defenseless. At least you don't have to answer.

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