Marco Bodt x Fem!Reader ~ Romeo and Juliet - Alternative Universe

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Three rival schools.

The blue Scouts. The red Garrison. The green MP's.

And you find yourself in the middle of them.

It should have been a normal Monday, but it isn't.

You don't want to be here.

With your green jacket you feel completely out of place in the sea of blue ones. Not to mention the glances you get from the Scouts around you. You press the books against your chest, hoping that they will protect you somehow. Slowly but surely you make your way through the hallway. You can feel a dozen pairs of eyes on you.

Still you hold your head high as confident as possible. That's the first thing you learn being one of the MP's. Even if you are uncomfortable in a situation, never let down your guard. Especially, if you find yourself in the territory of the enemy. It gives you the strength to keep going. You wish Hitch would be with you right now.

You could hear them whisper about you.

"Hey, Marco?", Jean pushes his elbow into the side of his friend to get his full attention. The freckled boy keeps starting at the girl with the green jacket. He didn't mean to do it, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from your form. You are absolutely breathtaking as you walk through the hallway. A slight smile tugs at the corners of his mouth. Marco doesn't even know why, but your presence alone makes him happy.

"Huh?", he barely snaps out of his thoughts about you. Jean's glances shift from his friend towards the unknown girl, and back to Marco. He crosses his arms in front of his chest, "You know that's one of the MP's, right? They are the enemy." Marco shakes his head slightly, "You wanted to be one of them some time ago."

A heavy sigh leaves Jean's mouth, "How long do you want to remind me of that? Whatever, you are already falling for her, aren't you?" He turns his head to face his friend properly, but Marco is long gone. He tries to catch up to you, preparing his best smile.

Of course, you notice the freckled boy walking the same speed next to you. Maybe when you ignore him long enough he will lose interest in you. Marco can feel his heart skipping a beat, just to double up the speed afterwards, "Uh... Hi?"

His rather shy greeting surprises you a little bit, but that moment passes quickly, "Who dared you to talk to the MP girl?" Sarcasm can be clearly heard dripping from your voice. Marco didn't think about how his approach would look like. He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Nobody dared me. Isn't this whole project to reduce the rivalry between our schools? I am Marco, by the way", he holds out his hand for you to shake. Still not sure about his ulterior motives you accept his offer, "My name is [Y/N]. Sorry about the harsh words. I am just not used to this situation yet." How could you? Everyone got thrown into the cold water as the principals of the three schools agreed to start a harmony project. And this started with mashing up all the students in one school.

"No need for that. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl", Marco freezes for a moment. Did he just say the last sentence out loud? A pinch of red appears on your cheeks, "Thank you?" It rather sounds like a question than a simple statement.

"Well, do you want me to show you around during the break? The school is really big, and it is your first day here, so", he suggests, trying to overplay that he just called you beautiful. You feel a little bit uncomfortable thinking about a befriending one of the Scouts, but that's the whole goal of this harmony project. "That would be great. Don't tell anyone, but I am kind of lost right now. I didn't want to ask the others, who were staring at me like I am sort of an alien", you reply, replacing the frown on your face with a slight smile.

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