#9 Special preferences for Annie, Bertholdt & Reiner

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Special Preferences – You learn their dark secret

Warning! Spoilers!

And sorry, I just have a lot of Reiner and Bertholdt feelings lately xD

Annie – You support her

You can feel your heart skips a beat, just to double up the speed afterwards. Mikasa right next to you throws away her raincape to reveal her ODM gear. "Do you understand, titan?", she draws her blades immediately. The anger is clearly visible in her dark eyes.

A wave of mixed feelings washes over you. Nevertheless, you take out your own ones. Neither Armin nor Eren stop you, thinking you are on their side to protect them. "Don't you dare to touch her!", you mumble under your breath as your blades collide with Mikasa's.

You promised to keep the people you love safe and sound. Unfortunately, you love Annie more than the trio. She was there for you, when you needed someone to hold onto. The blonde soldier was always your back up. Now it is time to return the favor.

"What the hell are you doing, [Y/N]?", Eren wants to know almost yelling. Armin looks at you with fear in his clear blue eyes. Slowly, not breaking the eye contact with Mikasa, you back up the stairs. "The same you do for the people you love, Eren", you reply as your hand finds Annie's. Your other one still holds one of the blades to protect the two of you.

Against her sake, Annie squeezes your hand softly. She can't believe that you are staying by her side, even if you know she is the female titan. She can't believe that your love to her is that strong. "Transform. It is our only chance to get away from here. I won't go away, promise", you know the other soldiers are just waiting for Armin's signal. But you won't let them tie her up like a wild animal. No one will ever lay his finger on her as long as you breathe.

Annie still trusts you doubtlessly and does what you ordered. She transforms into a titan almost instantly. It is hard to stay upright because of the strong wind. Carefully her gigantic hand wraps you up in her fingers. Now the two of you are together and unstoppable.

Annie – You judge her

Her words hurt so much. Like she pushes a knife into your heart herself. Her clear blue eyes search for your [E/C] ones, but you avoid them. You can't look at her the same way as before. So many things have changed. She has changed.

Mikasa right next to you throws away her raincape to reveal her ODM gear. She draws both of her blades angrily. You can understand her reaction. You feel the same rage inside your heart. And still is she your better half for so long now. Your best friend. Your soulmate.

All those memories you two made were you just lies.

"[Y/N], the way you look at me changed. I knew it would happen, even if hope it wouldn't", you can see sadness in her monotone facial expression. But there is also determination to do what need to be done. "What did you expect? That I hug you and say that I am okay with you killing innocent people? No, that's our love not worth", a lonely tear escapes your eye.

Just like Mikasa you draw both of your blades to protect your comrades. "Sad, that it ends like this. I wish you would understand why I have to do this, [Y/N]. Stay safe", Annie raises her hand to bite onto her finger. Armin gives the signal for the other soldiers to attack her.

Feeling how your heart slumps a bit in your chest, you turn your head. You can't watch them tie Annie up like a wild animal. After all you still feel something for her. And you will probably for a long time. The love you two shared can't be erased that easily.

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