Reiner Braun x Fem!Reader ~ Wrecking Ball

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I got inspired to write this. The next chapter will be preferences again!

Warning: Broken hearts in the text below!

Music Recommendation: "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus and "Vogel im Käfig"

The heart wants what it wants.

You remember clearly the day you first met him. Reiner Braun. A big blonde flirtatious guy. And he was flirting with you. All day. Nonstop. Of course, you didn't mind that little fact. Who wouldn't want a handsome guy fighting for your love?

Believe me, Reiner never thought, he would find someone like you in the military. But the 104th Cadet Corps were the place you two met.

"Braun, [Y/L/N]. Sparring partners and no fooling around like Springer and Brause", Keith Shadis pushes you towards a tall blonde cadet. "Well, hello there, beautiful", a smile appears on Reiner's lips. Today must be his lucky day.

"My name is Reiner. What about yours?", he tries to lures you in with a little bit small talk. Without a word you raise your fists. Signaling him you are ready to fight. "Straight to business. I like that", Reiner follows your lead and gets into position.

Running towards you he focuses on his first punch. Unfortunately, he misses the brief sparkle in your [E/C] eyes. Faster than thought you take a step to the side and kick his legs away. Reiner falls onto the grass without knowing what hit him.

"[Y/F/N] [Y/L/N]. Just so you know who beat your ass~", you tell him your name smirking. Yes, you are proud of yourself right now. And Reiner is amazed by the smile on your lips. That's the moment he knows, he fell hard... for you.

It is also the place where you started to be friends after a while.

Finally, dinner time. Training was hard, but good.

"Well, hello there", Reiner greets you as he takes the place right next to you. "Why do you keep bothering me?", you want to know playfully annoyed. Since you made no friends yet, you are glad not to sit alone once again.

"I'm just waiting to get my revenge for earlier. Joke aside, just waiting to make some friends", Reiner replies with that handsome smirk of his on his lips. "Aren't you friends with Annie and Bertholdt?", they are inseparable. Everyone knows that.

"Okay, you got me. I want to have you as my friend. You in particular", he raises his arms playfully in defense. For a second you think about his words. What could go wrong being his friend, right? "Alright, but I'm going to beat your ass again in hand-to-hand combat", you say as you move your spoon around in your soup.

Reiner chuckles for a second, "Oh, well, I am fine with that as long as we are friends now. Smiling you focus your attention on your soup, while Reiner keeps his eyes on you.

It is also the place where you learnt to trust each other.

Like trained you slice the nape of the titan's neck during your jump onto the next roof. "Come on. Get up", you drag your comrade onto his shaky legs. The poor boy got paralyzed by the first meeting with an abnormal. "David!", you remember his name, because he got into trouble very often with Sasha and Conny.

"Watch out!", you hear Reiner's voice yelling as you let go of the boy. Just in the last second the titan collapses onto the ground. A few more inches and you would have been his next snack. You can feel your heart beat hard against your chest, while the adrenaline rushes through your veins.

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