#19 Kiss Cam AU

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I had this idea during an ice hockey game I saw last week. I hope you like it!

I am really sorry for the long wait for the next chapter. I am not really feeling fine the last few days, and it is hard to write anything good right now. The next on will be up sooner, I promise. And it will be the last part of the mini-series of "You take your last breath in their arms" and "Something that reminds them of you". Don't worry, it will be a happy ending!

Note: You are not dating yet!


The people around you cheer excited, and clap their hands to motivate the players. There is no way you couldn't fall under the spell of the good mood, which is going on. A smirk appears on your lips as you take out your cellphone.

"Selfie!", you scoot closer to the blond girl, while you put your free arm around her shoulder. Annie furrows her eyebrows in a surprised manner. "Oh, smile, Annie!", you give the camera your best smile, but your friend keeps her stoic expression.

"Beautiful as always", you mumble under your breath, so she can't hear your words. Nevertheless, Annie catches every single one of them. A slight pinch of red dusts her cheeks. You didn't notice her blush since you are already sending the selfie to Reiner.

"To cheer our best friend up", you explain your action smirking. "That's just your payback for the last game, where you were sick and Reiner had fun without you", Annie knows what is going on inside your pretty head. "Yes, sweet, sweet revenge", you don't even deny it.

All of the sudden, Annie blushes furiously, as the kiss cam clearly shows you and her. She just could ignore it, since you are still busy with your phone. She shakes her head lightly, and leans towards you to press a soft kiss onto your cheek. Her racing heart skips a beat, when her lips meet your soft skin. It was just a brief peek, but it still sends shivers down her spine.

On the other hand, you are not knowing what is going on. Your mind needs a few moments to process what just happened. "D-Did you kiss me?", you couldn't help yourself but stutter out this unnecessary question. "Yes, obviously", is her short answer. The faded smile reappears on your lips, "Can I get another one?"

Feeling confident you put your arm around her shoulder to pull her closer. Annie hits your head rather softly but determined, "No." Laughing you draw back your arm, raising your free one in playful surrender, "Okay, okay." You focus your attention on the game, while Annie sneaks' glances at you from time to time. Maybe there will be another kiss.


"That's one of the best games I have ever seen", you exclaim excited, as you share your popcorn with Eren. A pinch of jealousy washes over Armin, while he watches the two of you having the time of your life. The shy boy wishes he could act so natural like Eren does with you.

"What about you? What do you think, Armin?", your lovely voice snaps him out of his depressing thoughts. The way you look at him with your [E/C] eyes makes his knees weak. At least, he is sitting, so nothing can happen.

"Y-Yeah, it's great!", Armin replies, feeling how the heat appears on his cheeks. A bit embarrassed he keeps his head low to avoid eye contact with you. At least until his face cooled off. But fate gives him not enough time for that.

"Oh! Someone is getting a kiss today!", Eren wiggles his eyebrows smirking, "Let me take care of your popcorn, [Y/N]!" Armin's clear blue eyes are still glued to the ground, finding his shoes very interesting, all of the sudden.

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