#8 Small things they to do to show you their love

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Laughing you push Reiner right next to you playfully, "That is not what happened at all! You are making things up." The blonde soldier raises his arms in defense, "I am not. That happened just like I told you. I swear!" Shaking your head slowly, you wipe away one of the laugh tears.

"What about you, Annie? Any stories you want to tell us?", you try to integrate her. Since a few days, she seems far away with her head all the time. Being the hopefully a good better half, you didn't pressure her to open up. She will come someday, you are sure of that.

Annie shakes her head as she crosses her arms in front of her chest. A quiet sigh escapes your mouth, while you focus your attention on Reiner again, who tells another funny story of training. You know she loves you with all her heart, but you feel a bit shut out of her life right now. Annie knows exactly that she just hurt your feelings with her cold attitude. Her heart skips a beat because of that.

Without a word she leans forward to get your full attention again. To emphasize her gesture, Annie takes your hand softly into hers. Your clear [E/C] eyes look at her surprised, but you follow her lead. Just like her you lean forward. The female soldier looks around if someone is watching you two.

Before you can ask her what is wrong, you feel her soft lips on your cheek. Unfortunately, it is a way too short kiss. You need a second to process what just happened, then your lips curl into a slight smile. "I love you, too", you whisper so only Annie can hear your words. She is all over not showing any public display of affection and you accepted that. It is just another piece you love about her.

"I have a story to tell! You guys will not believe it!", you join the conversation again as you squeeze her hand softly. Annie keeps her eyes on you all the time, waiting for your story.

She loves to hear you talk.


"I am not quite sure if I am excited for the expedition or terrified", you say as you walk towards the stables with your friends. You are absolutely torn because of the expedition. "This will be such a great chance!", Eren exclaims with raised fists. Mikasa just nods in agreement.

And Armin?

He is a bit distracted by his own thoughts. You two are a couple for a while now, but you never held hands in public before. The most soldiers probably don't even know you are his better half. Armin wants to change that so badly. Unfortunately, he lacks the braveness for that.

"Hey, everything alright?", your beautiful voice snaps him out of his misery. He forces a smile onto his lips, but you can see behind his bad poker face. "Everything is perfect. Don't worry", he adds to his gesture. "Something is bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?", you are worried and it breaks Armin's heart, because he caused these feelings.

Now with a real smile, he replies, "I am sorry. I was thinking about the expedition." Without a further word you continue your walk towards the stables. Mikasa and Eren already waiting for you two. You know something is off, but you are not going to push him.

Armin bites onto his tongue, while his hand reaches out for yours. Of course, you don't back away as his fingers intertwine with your own ones. Armin's heart does a little flip inside of his chest. He never knew holding your hand would trigger so many different emotions.

Yet you know where he was with his head a few moments ago.

Mikasa and Eren exchange a surprised but brief glance. Neither of them say a single word. The smile on your lips could light up the whole world right now. "You know, I love you, right?", you remember him what you feel for him. Armin nods immediately, "I love you too."

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