#11 You get reported as missed Part II

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Sorry for the long wait. I had a bad writers block. Still I hope you like it :)


A miracle.

That is what Annie needs right now. The chance to find you in this chaos shrinks with every tiny second. Especially when you are on your own two feet moving around. Maybe you are already back to safety. No, her intuition tells her, you are still out there.

She rounds another corner holding both of her blades, ready to attack, if it is necessary to save you. Her heart skips a beat as she stops mid-step. You are alive. Well, you seem exhausted the way you lean against the wall, but you are in one piece.

Annie doesn't dare to move. It might be a dream and when she wraps her arms around you, you might vanish and she is alone again. Slowly you raise your head, so your [E/C] eyes meet her clear blue ones. With your last bit of strength, you push yourself away from the wall.

"Annie", you call her name, making your way towards her. Relief is dripping from your usual sarcastic voice. Finally, Annie snaps out of her trance. She throws her blades back into their sheds, while she closes the gap between the two of you.

Unfortunately, your shaky legs give in due to the movement, but Annie gets your right in time. The female soldier wraps her arms around you protectively. "I am totally fine. Don't worry", you comfort her with that typical smirk on your lips.

You don't want to admit how exhausted you feel after hours slaying titans on your own to get back to safety... and her. Annie senses how weak you are right now, and she takes care of you. "Lean on me. I will get you back", she orders as she wraps your arm around her neck.

Her voice seems cold, but there are so much hidden emotions on her face, you have never seen before. Annie really thought she lost you. Her eyes meet yours once again, "I missed you." She mumbles those words under her breath, so only you can hear them. She wants you to know – only you.


Armin needed a few minutes and Mikasa to collect himself again. And still the hopelessness remains in his heart. It won't let go of him, until he can hold you in the safety of his arms. But when will this happen or will this ever happen again?

"We will never find [Y/N] that way", he needs you by his side to see the tiny light in the powerful darkness. Mikasa can see the desperation in his clear blue eyes, "We can and we will." She forces herself to be optimistic. You are her friend, after all.

Armin turns around, feeling how the darkness starts to consume him. Nothing will ever be okay again. But fate has decided something else for the two of you.

"[Y/N]!", your name comes over his lips, suddenly. You are knocked out coldly right in the middle of the ground. Without thinking, he uses his gear to jump off the roof, rushing to your side.

The bad thing about this, is the titan making its way towards you. Still Armin has only eyes for you as he carefully lifts you up to place your head in his lap. Dried blood frames your usually flawless face. Nevertheless, you are breathing, which is the most important part.

"I am here. Everything will be alright again", Armin runs his shaking fingers softly over your cheek. Weak as hell you open your eyes for a tiny moment to give him your sweetest smile, then you drift back into the darkness.

Armin already forgot the titan coming towards him. At least, Mikasa is still there to take care of the danger. Said soldier also notices the slight smile on Armin's lips. You are the light of his life, and without you he would be lost.

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