Welcome, Christa - Catch up chapter

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How you meet

"And this is our last station, the stables. You will figure it out somehow. Or you will get lost a lot. Depends on your orientation", you briefly laugh about your own joke. The new soldiers just stare at you, some with widened and shocked eyes. No one of them cracks a slight smile.

"You are dismissed", you wave your hand around, while a heavy sigh leaves your mouth. Why do you always agree to show the newbies around?

"Excuse me, but for how long are you a Scout already?", a blond girl with beautiful clear blue eyes asks you friendly. Against your sake a smirk tugs at the corners of your mouth. "Not so long as you might think. I joined the Scouts two years ago", you reply a bit proud of yourself to survive that long. Admiration sparkle in the girl's eyes.

"My name is Christa. It is so nice to meet you", she takes your hand in yours to shake it. A girl with brown hair shots you a pretty dark death glare. Apparently, you got yourself a fan and an enemy at the same time. You hold the girl's gaze smirking. It needs a little bit more to scare you off.

"Oh, that's my friend Ymir", Christa tells you her name. She doesn't notice the thick tension between you and Ymir. "Well, it is nice to you meet you two, too", that's probably a war you are going to start, and you are extremely excited.

"How many Titans did you already kill? And on how many expeditions were you already on?", the blonde girl keeps asking interested. "That's a lot of questions. Do you want to continue this conversation maybe during dinner?", you put your hand on her shoulder to lead her back to the headquarters.

Ymir's eyes follow your move and bore their way into your back.

"That is so nice of you. I am really excited to be here", she loops her arm around yours like the two of you know each other for years. You can't help yourself but smile, enjoying her openness. Ymir follows the two of you clearly sulking.

Accidently touching hands

"I can't believe Erwin agreed! This is going to be so much fun!", Hanji jumps up and down next to you brightly smiling. Since Sawney and Bean are not anymore, the Commander gave in eventually and allowed Hanji to capture again two titans.

She keeps rambling about her new mission, while the two of you continue your way around the headquarters. Of course, you are listening to your friend's words closely, but something snatches your full attention away. A certain blond soldier struggles to carry a heavy box of supplies.

"Hey, are you even listening?", Hanji snaps you out of your thoughts. You wave your hand around in a dismissive gesture, "See you later, Hanji." And with that you make your way towards Christa and the box in her hands.

Since you met her a few days ago, she keeps lurking her way into your mind. Nonstop. You are not really mad about it. It is a nice change of scenery to have her beauty in your head instead of war tactics and other military things.

"Hey, short stuff. Need help with that?", her nickname popped up during your first dinner with her, and it sticks with her since then. "I got it, thank you", she mumbles through clenched teeth. For a brief moment you keep watching her, then you decide to help her out.

You grab the other side of the box and together you put it onto the carriage. Christa's blue eyes meet your [E/C] ones, as a slight pinch of red appears on her cheeks. You take in every detail of her flawless face. "Uh, you can let go now, [Y/N]", the way your name rolls of her tongue makes your knees weak.

You need a second to realize what Christa is talking about. Her tiny hands are buried under your soft ones. So, that's the reason why she was blushing.

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