Armin Arlert x Fem!Reader ~ Shy Heart - Alternative Universe

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The heavy silence in the room feels natural, not like the suffocating kind one. Everything seems to be in a perfect balance. But the blond boy doesn't notice those things at all. His clear blue eyes follow every move you do, as you sort back the books in your hands.

Armin lets out a quiet sigh, so he wouldn't disturb Eren right next to him. He rests his lightheaded head on his hands. A slight smile tugs at the corners of his mouth, while he keeps watching you from afar. Pure happiness fills his shy heart from the bottom to the top.

You are working part-time in the library, when you are not studying for college. So, it does come in handy that Armin tutors his best friend in a few subjects. The blonde boy already knows your schedule by heart, and tries to match his time in the library with yours.

Even if he doesn't know your name yet. And still you managed to set his heart on fire with your sheer presence. It might sound corny, but when he laid his blue eyes on you for the first time, cupid's arrow struck him within a second.

Armin would love to defeat his shyness and talk to you, after weeks of admiring you from afar. But his body doesn't work the way he wants. His heart starts to beat extremely hard against his chest, trying to break free. A bright blush forms on his cheeks. Not to mention how badly he starts to stutter, while his knees get weak like butter in the sun.

He lost count of the many failed attempts to engross you in a conversation with him. Unfortunately, he isn't outgoing like Reiner or Jean. Armin can't change the way he is, and that upsets him. The poor boy thinks even less of himself, since he can't talk to you in a friendly way.

It can't be that hard, but for him it seems just impossible.

As the sadness takes over Armin's heart, you reappear into his sight. Like a bright sun you defeat the thick dark clouds over his head. The tiny smile you always wear on your lips is more than breathtaking. Your presence lights up his grey world immediately.

It seems you are the cause and the cure at the same time.

"Hey, Armin. I don't get number five right. Can you help me?", Eren snaps his best friend out of his torn thoughts. The blond boy tears his eyes away from you much to his dislike, "Sure." His voice is friendly and nice like always. Even if he is a bit unhappy about the interruption.

"It is not really difficult. See, here you have to-", Armin starts his explanation, but Eren interrupts him all of the sudden, "Could you bring back that book for me?" The blond boy takes said book in his hand, "Uh, sure." It is clearly to see, that he is surprised by Eren's request.

Nevertheless, Armin gets up from his seat and makes his way over to the correct bookshelf. Being that often in the library does have its perks. He almost knows every book by heart, so he probably could work in the library himself.

There is a rather big gap between two books on eye level, where the one in his hands belongs in. Armin can hear someone working on the other side of the shelf. A book gets removed from the same row. Two clear [E/C] eyes meet his baby blue ones through the free space on the shelf.

It's you.

Armin's grip tightens around the book in his hands. Sudden a wave of panic washes over him. His usually cool and collected mind is blank and chaotic at the same time. Cold sweat starts to well on his forehead, just like on his palms. Unfortunately, now he knows how Bertholdt feels most of his life.

The warmth your eyes send into his direction makes him even more nervous. The blond boy finds that comforting, but not in this situation right now. He doesn't want to make a fool out of himself in front of you.

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