# 2 Accidentally touching hands

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As always during training you are not far away from Annie and vice versa. Since the two of you met an unlikely friendship has grown between you. It doesn't matter what might happen, you always have each other's back. Especially today.

From one second to another Annie's gear stops working a titan's height above the hard ground. Gladly, her hero is behind her. As fast as possible you grab her hand right in time. You can't see fear in her clear eyes, but you know she can find it in yours. Worried about her life and health, if you don't find a plan fast enough. You don't want to admit, but you found actually your soulmate in the blonde soldier.

You cling onto her arm like your life depends on it, not hers. "Do you trust me, Annie? And I mean really trust", you ask smirking. Overplaying the fear is one of your best skills. But Annie can look through your almost perfect poker face. "Sure", is her short answer right away. The blonde girl doesn't even hesitate one second. You are her best friend after all. Even if she doesn't let you know it often.

Due to the tense situation you actually don't see the blush on her cheeks. To lie her life in your hands feels actually good. Not terrifying at all. Annie knows you can handle the situation without a problem. Like said, she trusts you doubtless.

It isn't that easy to drop onto the think branch with your friend hanging on you, but you manage it somehow. For a brief moment you catch your breath. Intense situation – still mission accomplished.

"That was a close call", you let out a short laugh to lighten up the mood between the two of you. "Thank you, [Y/N]", she mumbles under her breath so you almost can't understand her words. "You are welcome", you finally draw back your hand wishing actually not to.

Crazy feelings you have there.


"Water with salt in it? Wow, that sounds incredible. Probably too good to be true", Armin sees the sparkle in your [E/C] eyes. He adores how excited you can be over simple things. Just like the walk the two of you take around the trainings place. "I know. I can't wait to see everything one day", the blonde boy nods in agreement.

A quiet sigh escapes your mouth, "but first we have to kill all the titans, who are waiting outside for us." But your good mood can't be stopped by that little fact. "We will do it together. Just like the Cadet Corps", Armin looks at you for a second as suddenly his hand brushes your slightly.

Both of you stop immediately not daring to look at each other. "I'm ... I'm sorry, [Y/N]. I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. It was an accident", Armin apologizes stuttering. He is scared to ruin the good friendship you two have.

You can't see his red cheeks, because you are busy hiding your own ones. "No need to say sorry. I didn't feel uncomfortable. Promise", you answer wishing it wouldn't have been an accident. Your heart pounds hard against your chest as you continue your walk.

Gathering all of your braveness together you hold out your hand to grab his, but your fingers collide again. Armin had apparently the same idea. And again you two stop to walk. Well, that's awkward now. Should go for it once again or not?

Armin opens his mouth to say something, but another voice joins the yet not existing conversation. And with that all his braveness is gone. Now he will never feel your hand on his again...

"Hey! Armin! [Y/N]!", you hear Eren's voice. He steps between the two of you. Sure, Mikasa isn't far away. "You okay? Both of you are completely red", he notices your face colors. "The heat of the sun. It is extremely sunny today...", you mumble under your breath suddenly shy.

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