#12 Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Note: You are not dating in this one!


"Oh, believe me, [Y/N]. This is going to be so much fun", Hanji exclaims excited as she grabs your arm to drag you along the hallway. "Maybe you get your crush and everything will turn out like fairytale~", Sasha adds taking your other arm.

If Hanji and Sasha work together, there is no way you can escape now.

Maybe you just should break out and run for your dear life or ...

"Alright, alright, I am going to play your fantastic game", you roll your eyes not really happy about your decision. Of course, they hear the sarcasm that dripped from your voice. Nevertheless, Hanji and Sasha share a high five right in front of your face. "Okay, I got it. You two are a perfect team. Could we continue now?", you almost sound like Levi, matching to your stoic expression.

"Someone is a little bit grumpy today. You need love, [Y/N]", Hanji notices your very obvious behavior. "Because I get dragged away from my horse to play your ... game", you keep the curse word for yourself. Sasha looks at you with her brown puppy eyes. A quiet sigh escapes your mouth, "Don't look at me like that. I am going to have fun. Satisfied now?"

Both of them nod in agreement as you enter the big dining hall. A little bit surprised you raise one of your eyebrows. Sasha and Hanji are actually a good team. They even convinced Levi, Erwin AND Annie to play their game.

You take a seat between Eren and Jean, to prevent future fights. Why do they even sit next to each other? You will probably never know. And to be honest, you don't want to know.

"So, since we are complete, let's start the game. Who wants to go first?", Hanji swings around the bowl, where the names of the players in it, around. You have never seen her that excited, except there are titans involved. No one really wants to be the first victim of her. A few of the soldiers keep their heads low, hoping Hanji wouldn't see them then.

Suddenly, she shoves the bowl in front of your face, grinning like the mad scientist she is, "How about you, [Y/N]?" All eyes fell on you, which makes you a little bit uncomfortable. When you go first, all options are open. Great...

You don't know how Hanji does it, but you are actually a little bit excited, "Sure, why not..." But you would never admit it in front of her. Looking into the nothingness you swirl your hand around in the bowl to find the "perfect" one.

"Come on, don't keep us in suspense", Sasha jumps up and down on her seat. A slight smirk appears on your lips as you take your time to fool around a little bit. Then, finally, you take out your chosen piece of paper. Slowly you unfold it, to read the name on it...


The sarcastic comment gets stuck in your throat, suddenly. Oh, well.

"Annie, I got you", you try to keep your voice as calm as possible, but your heart almost jumps out of its cage. You are sure, she can see through your bad poker face. Now all eyes fall on the quiet female soldier. Her expression doesn't change as she stands up from her seat, just like you.

Friendly you hold out your hand for her to grab it. Of course, Annie denies your offer and makes her way towards the tiny broom closet. Neither of the other soldiers is brave enough to make a bold comment or whistle.

Hanji gives you a slight push into the dark room, before she closes the door with a reminder, "Have fun during these seven minutes!" Then darkness embraces the two of you, making it hard for you to see Annie's face or her in general.

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