#10 You get reported as missed

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I'm sorry for using female pronounces in this chapter. Please, change it in your head if you are male. There is just so much talking in third person about the reader. I didn't know what to do xD the next chapter will be gender free again 😊

Another note: I am so damn confused if it's Conny or Connie xD What the hell, Pixis or Pyxis?! Oh, dear god, help me!


"I heard [Y/N] is still out there. She and her whole squad. No one saw them. I hope they are alright", Connie says to Sasha in a hushed tone. They don't want Annie to hear their words. Nevertheless, she still gets them clearly.

Her heart is torn apart. One side wants to sneak away, so she can look for you. The other side is simply scared. The thought to find you dead paralyzes her. Annie's hard build wall would break, if she has to hold your limb body in her arms.

"What if they don't make it back today?", Sasha mumbles a question under her breath. Connie's eyes are glued to the ground, "They get reported as missed. And probably someone will find their bodies then." Annie turns around in a swift motion, shooting both a death glare in the process to shut them up.

"You two have no idea what you are talking about. [Y/N] and her squad are one of the best here. They don't die that easy. She has more skill than both of you together", she didn't mean to hurt them with her words.

The worry inside her heart turns into anger, because she couldn't do anything to help you. She hates that she is scared and helpless. Two feelings Annie doesn't want to get used to anymore. "Keep calm, they didn't mean it that way", Reiner interferes to defuse the tense situation.

Annie turns around and leaves without a word. Finally, she realizes how much you keep her cool and sane. Not knowing where you are and if you are still alive, makes her sick. Her mind shows her several scenarios where you die all alone. Annie's name on your lips. Calling for help, but no one hears your pleas.

Her grip tightens around the handle of her blades. "Please, be alive", hoping her words reach you, Annie makes a decision. Against the rules and orders, she have, she will sneak away to find you. Nothing could hold her back anymore.


The attack on Trost almost cost Armin his best friend.

That is an experience he doesn't want to relieve ever again.

A bit worried Armin looks around to find you, maybe next to one of your comrades. But you are nowhere seen. "Hey, has one of you seen [Y/N] or her squad?", he asks the little group of soldiers that has built. Jean's eyes are glued to the ground, while Reiner and Bertholdt exchange a short glance. Ymir opens her mouth to answer, but Christa stops her right in time by taking her hand in hers. Armin raises his eyebrows confused.

"What is it? Does one of you know something?", a strange feeling appears in his stomach. His intuition is telling him something, but Armin doesn't want to get it. Jean gathers up all his braveness and looks at the poor scared boy, "[Y/N]'s whole squad got killed. [Y/N] herself is reported as missed. I'm so sorry, Armin."

His head needs a few seconds to process Jean's words and their meaning. Armin feels nothing but emptiness, but then the ultimate wave of sadness washes over him. "No, please, no", he mumbles under his breath over and over again.

Christa puts her hand on his shoulder softly, "Armin, it's okay. [Y/N] is strong. She will survive. Just believe in her." Her words don't make it through the thick fog of sadness and blame. Why wasn't he by your side, when you needed him the most?

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