Alternative Universe - Berholdt Hoover x Fem!Reader ~ History Maker

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Bertholdt could use other words to describe you. Like breathtaking, gorgeous, graceful, magnificent, stunning, fascinating. All those suit you, but pure perfection sums you up in every way he can think about. Especially right now when you are sliding over the ice practicing your part of the dance. Figure dancing. A dream of both of you.

The sparkle in your beautiful [Y/N] eyes sparks a fire of admiration in his chest. Not to mention that sweet smile you always wear on your lips. It lets his heartbeat double up immediately, when he lays his emerald eyes on you. Sometimes he believes you actually could hear his heart freaking out in his chest in your near. But you never said a word about it.

Once again Bertholdt realizes how much you are out of his reach. Even he holds you in his arms daily during the practice. So close, but so far away at the same time. You lured in his shy heart. He is tired of feeling not enough for you. A quiet sigh escapes his mouth, as his head hangs low. And still he can't tear his eyes away from you.

"Stop dreaming and ask her out finally", Reiner snaps his friend out of his dream world. A faint pinch of red appears on Bertholdt's cheeks. How often did he already catch him admiring you from afar? He lost count a long time ago.

"You know, it is not that easy. How awkward would it be, if she rejects me? We couldn't train anymore, and our friendship would be ruined forever", Bertholdt replies. It is always the same procedure. The same words are exchanged every single time.

Reiner shakes his head slowly, clearly seeing the dark cloud over Bertholdt's head. And he can do nothing to help out his friend.

"Reiner! You are earlier today!", you notice the presence of the blonde boy. With the typical smile on your lips you get off the ice almost jumping into Reiner's arms. "How is my ice princess doing?", he wants to know as he swings you around for a brief moment.

"Perfect! Training was so good today, right, Bertholdt?", you turn around to face him properly. The way you smile at him brightens up his world within a second. "Yes, but we need to train a lot more before the competition in a few days", he agrees taking every feature of your face in. You take off your skating shoes laughing, "We are so ready for the competition. Just believe in yourself. We are unstoppable. You will see. To win this time is our destiny."

You grab his arm to pull him onto his two feet. Luckily, you don't notice the blush you trigger with your closeness. "Close your eyes and tell yourself that our dream will come true. Can you see it? Both of us on the podium. We are born to make history", you shine almost as bright as the sun. And that is the only thing he can see. You. To be with you is his biggest dream.

You set his heart on fire.

But you don't even know it yet.

"I can see a good dinner waiting for the three of us. Could we move on. I am really starving", Reiner interrupts the one-sided romantic moment. You let go of your friend still smiling, "Sorry, sometimes I get carried away. How as your training?"

Bertholdt takes his training bag into his hand, as Reiner pushes his elbow into his side, "Same old, same old, thank you for asking." The blonde boy nods in your direction. His friend needs a moment to understand the hint, "L-Let me take this for you, [Y/N]." You draw back your arm, which is holding your own training bag. "You are too cute, but I got it."

Reiner rolls his eyes, as you turn around to make your way towards the exit of the ice hall. Bertholdt follows your move without a further word. It's another defeat he has to accept. You loop your arm around Reiner's as the two boys catch up to you, "So, you are also ready for the big football game tomorrow?"

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