Greedler x Childish! Reader x Onceler

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(Not my best, but I hope its to your satisfactory. I still have requests to catch up on, so I'm sorry about the wait.)



The erasers all tumble down and scatter everywhere as you slam your fist on the desk.

All eyes were on you, except Greedler's, since he was stressfully running a gloved hand over his face. He had told you to be quiet as a meeting was going on. Again he had been busy with business and couldn't hang out with you, but you wanted to be close to him.

All the business men and women look at Greedler with a glare. Greedler sighs, "Please, excuse me."

You giggled, "Why? Did you fart?"

An older business guy clears his throat harshly and Greedler's face turns red before he walks over to pull you outside the meeting room. "(Y/n), go to the bedroom and STAY there."

You pout and shake your head, hugging him, "No! I want to be with you! But you're just always so buuuuuuusyyyyy!"

Greedler forcefully pulled your arms off which caused you to feel hurt, "Just go to the room, or ANYWHERE, just stay away from the meeting room." He said in frustration and walks back into the room.


You trudge the hallways, arms crossed and use one hand to mock Greedler, "Just go anywhere, stay away from the meeting room." You huff then see Isabella filing her nails so you sneak over and slowly look at her over the desk.

She glares at her nails, "What?"

You lay your head on the desk and look at the giant picture of Greedler, "Was he always like that?"

Isabella groans in annoyance, "No. He was unsuccessful, a failure, and just too optimistic."

That didnt sound like him, well except being optimistic is nice. "Oh. Is there anything else?"

She ignored you so you just tipped her chair back and ran, laughing as she yelled angrily.


"Lorax. Please!"


"Please, please, please, please! I want to hang out with Greedler, but-"

"No. My magic is not for that purpose."

You groan and follow the Lorax as he walks down the halls. Maybe annoying him will get him to say yes. "Hey Lorax, why is there an Axe in your name?"

He looks at you, "What?"

"I mean, you want to protect the forest and you hate when people cut down the trees, but there's an Axe in your name." You pretend to have an axe in your hands and slice the air, "The Lor-AX!"

The Lorax facepalms and groans loudly, "Alright! Fine! Just STOP that! Do not speak of that again." He glances around and waves for you to follow, "Follow me."

You squeal silently and run after him.


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