Ted x Reader (Easter Egg Hunt Race)

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People gathered around in the center of town and waited eagerly for the Easter Day Egg Race to start. Some were in the race, while others were standing by to watch and.....of course, you were participating in the event. Along with you was Norma, Audrey, and Ted who didn't seem too fond with being there.

"Why do I have to be in it? This stuff is for kids." You rolled your eyes, "Come on Ted, it's not about how old you are, its about having fun!" A feeling of happiness and a rush of energy shot through your body, making you jump around. Norma nudged Ted in the arm, "Yeah, lighten up." Ted sighed and seen you were happy, deciding to brighten up for you. "Hey, (y/n)?" He asked when you grinned at him. "Yeah?"

"How come you're not wearing a dress, like the others?" True, you had on a pair of (pants/shorts) with (Easter Themed) shirt and sneakers. That made you laugh, "Well a dress wouldn't be good to run in, right?" Ted realized his question was a little stupid and chuckled nervously. "Yeah, it would be, sorry." Then the speaker guy came on. "Good Afternoon, Thneedville! Are you contestants ready for Easter Race!?" You yelled out with the crowd.

"Great! Now all the contestants have their own barrels that keeps track of how many eggs are put in. Easter Eggs are hidden all around town and the one who gets the most under 30 minutes, wins! Good Luck! Get ready." Norma, Audrey, Ted, and you got into a running stance. "Get Set." Determination burned brightly in your (e/c) eyes with Norma's as well. "Go!"

The four of you took off in different directions. Your fast eye coordination made it easy for you to pick up eggs while running by, snatching some from others who barely touch them. Ted was having a bit difficulty at spotting the colorful eggs because as soon as he saw one, someone would grab it. "Aw man." When he looked around, his brown eyes saw that there were some eggs hidden in tiny corners of things. That gave Ted a boost of confidence and another start, filling his big basket.

Ted made three trips to dump eggs in his barrel, noticing you came up to yours. "How many trips did you take, (y/n)?" You smiled at Ted. "About five!" Yelling to him and ran off again, leaving a shocked boy. A couple of times, Ted would see Audrey in certain places and maybe glimpses if you, noting that the eggs were getting harder to find. One time he found a whole pile of eggs near a sidewalk corner, only for a fast blur got by and snatched it. "Later loser!" Norma yelled to Ted, riding on a skateboard and did a trick up to turn the corner. "Seriously, Grammy!?"

"Come on Ted, I thought you were having fun?!" You said, hugging him from behind and dragging him toward the middle of town again. "What are you doing?!"

"I'm helping you, now see all those trees?"

Ted nodded, "Yeeaaah.....so?"
"Nobody even bothered to check inside the tuffs and I found out there are a huge amount of eggs in there. Now go before your Grammy finds out." Soon the horn rang out and the contestants stood by their barrels. The speaker guy strolled along, writing down names and egg numbers. "Man, I hope I at least make it to one of the top five." You heard Ted whisper and walked over to him, giving a side ways hug. "Hey, I know you will. Trust me." Ted stared up at you, a smile forming on his face. "Thanks, (y/n)." You shrugged, waiting with Ted for the five winners.

Lets just say, Ted got fifth place, Audrey got second, and you and Norma had a tie for first place. You jumped with pride. "Yes! I got first place!" Starting to do a little dance, but stopped when you heard Ted laughing. "Congrats. I guess." You crossed your arms, but gave Ted a kiss on the cheek. "Well, you too. For fifth place." Both of you hugged, "Happy Easter and thanks for dragging me out here, you know. I had fun." Ted said and you smirked. "Told you it wasn't that bad and Happy Easter. Anyways......"

Suddenly, you took off running towards the pizza place. "Loser buys pizza!" Ted laughed, before running after you. "Hey! Its not fair you got a head start!"


(Readers, you can decided what the prize is for first place. ^-^ Thanks for readin'! )

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