Greedler X Sick! Reader (Part 2)

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"Mr. Greedler." You were in a different room which you didn't recognize. All you felt was pain and everything was getting blurry with blackness at the ends of your vision. "N-no." Your voice barely a whisper. *I can't leave him. He needs someone. Please.*

Greedler watched the doctor's face that held sorrow. "(Y/n) isn't going to make it." At that a sudden punch to Greedler's chest had him fall to floor. *no!* "NO! I-It CAN'T BE! I have to see her!" Security came in to hold Greedler down as the doctor shook his head. "We do not know if this is contagious, so we placed her in a sealed room." Greedler got mad, struggling. "YOU'RE LEAVING HER TO DIE!!!" The doctor walked out, glaring at him. "Maybe you should have stopped the factory sooner. It's for the best for (Y/n)." Greedler's stopped struggling as security dropped him. Tears filled his vision, his chest with great pressure, and a lump in his throat he couldn't swallow. He sobbed into his gloved hands. *It's not real! You're dreaming Greedler!* It felt like he was shoot in the heart. *It's my fault!* "I-It's my f-fault your gone, (Y-y/n)!"

 There was nothing left to loss for the Greedler now that you were a ghost to him. Slowly and depressingly, he walked back to his factory and locked himself in his office. A couple of days passed, but the young man would never leave. Just sitting there against the wall. Crying. Replaying back memories of you. Your voice. Your (e/c) eyes that shined when you saw him. Your smile. Like a ghost. He would never be like he was the day he meet you. Too naive, yes he was. But......that was the reason why he let you in. No erasing the pain. "I need you (Y/n)." Greedler hugged himself, buring his head into his arms. *One of these days I'll wake up from this bad dream I'm dreaming.* Greedler would convince himself. *(Y/n). I'm so confused, but-* "You'll always be here in my heart."


The sad young man, didn't bother to look up and thought he was hearing things.

"Greedler, darling?"

Greedler froze and his blood went cold, afraid to look up. Gentle hands sofly slipped themselves to cup his cheeks, lifting his head up.

(E/c) eyes were the first thing Greedler saw and tears flooded his green ones.

You began to tear up as well and hugged him tightly. Both of you sobbed into each other. "I thought I lost you!" He sobbed. You shook your head. "You needed me." "No dream?" A chuckle left your lips as you wiped his tears, staring in his eyes. "No, dream. I'm here. Fully healthy." Greedler leaned into your touch like it would disappear, but he still frowned. "But the doctor said it was my fault." You kissed him, touching his forehead. "Don't believe what they say. I'm here now and I'll always be with you, my Greedler."

From then on out, you two never left each others side. Greedler still had the factory going, but replaced the machines with people who needed jobs so the pollution died down dramatically. Apparently, Greedler loved you so much he changed a bit himself, maybe still a little greedy, but less to think straight.

Hands rubbed on the consintrating man's shoulders as a smile made it's way onto his lips. "Yes, darling?" You chuckled at him, kissing his cheek. "It's lunchtime." Another thing that made you happy is that your love had more time and breaks to spend with you. Greedler grinned mischeivously, getting up and picking you up like a bride. "Then why didn't you tell me sooner!" He said happily as you laughed, walking out of his office with you.

(I hope you guys enjoyed part 2 to this one. Made me cry writing this. Oh and I'll still take requests, either in private message or anywhere to let me know. Thanks!!!)

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