Your Heart (Onceler x Vampire! Reader)

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(This One-Shot is an inspiration from the song Your Heart - Damien Dawn.)


Every night you'd watch him. Yeah it sounded like you're some kind of creep, but there was a reason. He was the only human who's living this far from town and right now you were about to get your meal when-

"HEY! I told you not to come near this part of the forest again!"

Your eyes flashed red before it went back to (e/c), staring harshly at the Lorax. "I know, but I'm trying to get my meal!" You whispered with a low growl. The Lorax glared. "He's my problem and YOU should get out of here. Monster."

Quickly you turned into a bat, knowing you couldn't fight against the Lorax with the powers he contained. The next night, you made sure the Lorax wasn't anywhere insite. This time the lights were on, but no one was inside, so you hid.

"Do you always have to follow me! Now stay out!" Onceler slammed his door, turning around only to see you jump at him with fangs and sharp nails out. "AHHH!" He yelled, dodging you and falling the bed.

You growled, only to yell in pain from a light bright as the sun and it burned your hands that you held out. "BACK YOU MONSTER! I said not to come here again!" The Lorax yelled. Onceler sat with wide eyes, then got worried as you whimpered from the pain in your hands.

Now all he saw was a girl with (h/c) hair, skin that's a little pale, and (e/c) eyes which glared at the Lorax. "What's your deal!? Tha......that HURT!" You panted from the pain. "I said go!" Onceler got up and blocked the Lorax from getting close to you. "Whoa man! Can't you see she's hurt!"

"Look Beanpole! She's a vampire! A freak of nature and a monster! She came here to suck you dry!" Onceler looked nervous, but he turned to you and knelt down. "Hey. Are you okay?" You felt something strange as the man held your hands in his. "Ow. We need to get these-"

Both of you made eye contact, but you growled, eyes flashing red before turning into a bat and flying out. Onceler sat there amazed and smiled. "She's no monster. She just needs someone there for her."

Since then you've been thinking. Why would he protect you? You were a monster. You drank human blood for crying out loud! He was concerned for you as well. Why? Onceler noticed he hasn't seen you, but you seen him.

Everytime you came when he slept, just watching. Sometimes you were so close, only for something to stop you and make you feel........Guilty. Onceler yawned, closing his eyes until he felt someone pin him down.


"What did you do to me!?" You yelled, eyes flashing red.

"I-I-I don't know what you're talking about?" You growled, shaking your head to keep from looking at his blue eyes. "Everytime I try to feed, I feel GUILTY! I'm no suppose to feel guilty! I'm a monster! A freak..........a complete monster....." Your voice got soft toward the end.

Tears suddenly fell from your eyes as you let go of Onceler to sit on his legs. Onceler heart pounded from the scare, but calmed at seeing you so fragile now like a normal girl. Sitting up, he hesitantly reached out to and pulled you in a hug.

"Why?" You asked, hearing his heart beat that keep him alive. Living. Something you use to feel a long time ago. "I-I........" Onceler knew he had feel for you that day you attacked him, crazy, but he did. "Because I love you."

You didn't want to look at him, so you relaxed into his chest. "But I can't. I'll never be a part of your world Onceler."


"You're papers." Moving from his grasp, you went to the window. "Every night I watched you sleep since that day I got hurt and...I tried to resist the feeling...." Onceler stared at your form glowing from the moonlight.

"I long for you now because you showed me love I never knew I could ever have." Onceler got up and stood by you. "What's your name?" Finally you looked into his eyes that were blue as the ocean, smiling for the first time. "(Y/n)."

Both didn't know how, but you were leaning in and kissed. Soft and gentle like sweet and innocent love.

Tears poured again as you pulled away and held Onceler's cheek. "I love you Onceler, I really's just......I can't do this to you." You kissed him. "I'm sorry." Onceler tried to pull you back but you changed into a bat and flew out.

"(Y/N)!..........(Y/n)........I love you."


(Hey guys, if you want I can make a second part to this one if you'd like.)

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