As Long As You Love Me (Greedler x Chubby! Reader)

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(I'm sorry if it's short again. I hope this is good too, so enjoy.)






Another formal attire is thrown down to the floor, almost in a pile and the clothes on the racks are quickly being taken off. After half way, only few clothes hung in the closet. The tall and gold framed mirror stood in front of you.

Everything you put on would look good for a moment then when you look back, it doesnt look or feel right on you. So you change and it just happens again. This is how it is everyday and night, especially when you're going out. You were always use to clothes you stay home in so its unnatural for you to dress up.

Your hands try to push in the muffin top but its always still there. You tried sucking in your stomach to imagine that you're in good shape, but that looked unnatural to you too. You ran a hand through your hair and sigh before sticking with the formal attire you had on and pulled a jacket over to hide what you hate.

There's a slight knock on the room door, "Honey Bun, may I come in?"

You glance at the door and grab your wallet, "Yeah."

The door opens and Greedler walks in, smirking at you, "Why Hello~ Beautiful."

Your face heated up and you gave him an 'Are You Serious?' look before shaking your head. Greedler laughs, "What? You are the most perfect girl in my eyes." He hugs you from behind, swaying a bit as you relax against him.

"Don't you get embarrassed when you're with me, especially in public?"

Greedler stopped, narrowing his eyes and frowning, "What? Of course not. Why would you even ask that, Gumdrop?" He gently turned you around, "Did someone tell you something again?"

You shake your head and play with the sleeve of your jacket, "No......It's just......I feel so fat and I always think that other people look at me like I'm some glob monster next to you." You subconsciously start tearing and try to blink them back. It was so embarrassing to cry about this especially with Greedler. A rich and handsome guy, no doubt.

Greedler felt confused and grinned at you, "(Y/n). Fat is just a word that shouldn't exist. I would say, Thick is the right definition or..." He takes you hand and spins you once, pulling you close, "....Plum~..."

You blushes immensely and hide against his chest, "How is that making me feel better?"

Greedler chuckles, "Its better than having you worry about the fat word. Besides women are beautiful no matter what size, that includes you. My Sweet Honey Bun."

You sigh and Greedler frowns in concern then pulls you to sit on the bed, "(Y/n), look at me." With slight hesitation, you look at him and he takes your hand in his.

"(Y/n), I love you for being you. You care about me and I care about you." He lifts one of your hands to kiss the knuckles, "I know its hard to ignore the world and its harsh society, but please remember, I'm here to stay beside you and defend you."

You feel his hand gently caress your cheek and you lift your other hand to hold it there. He smirks and boops your nose as your face scrunches a little. "Chin up, darling. It'll all be okay because I love you."

Greedler kisses you sweetly and hugs you close, "As long as you love me, I'll stay here with you, (Y/n)."

You nuzzle into him, smiling soflty and kiss his cheek, "As long as you love me, I'll do the same."

That day, you two stayed home and Greedler has cooked your favorite food. Even though he teases you and makes you blush, you still love him because he loves ALL of you.

As long as you love them, they'll do the same.

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