Whisper (Yandere! Jojo McDodd x Reader)

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(Sorry if it doesn't seem good. This is the first time I'm writing a Yandere. Oh and if you read the one shot before this, then I had technical difficulties so read it again if you'd like.)


"Oh gosh, I'm so sorry." You said to the small who-boy, picking up his binder and handing it to him.

His black hair covering his eyes slightly and dark colors of his fur, plus......his brown eyes.

"It's.......Okay." You barely heard him say and smiled gently.


You planted heavily, stopping for a short break before running again.

*I should've listened to their warnings.*

You thought while trying to open one of the doors to an abandoned home.


"Who? That Jojo kid?" One of your friends said as they crossed their arms.

"That's his name." You smiled, "Its unusual but also unique for a boy like him."

"Though if you ask me, I think you should stay away. Like they say....the quiet ones are the most dangerous."

You tilt your head, glancing to Jojo who sat in the corner of an empty table. Your eyes meet for a brief moment before Jojo blushed, looking away.

"He doesn't seem bad." You said with an irritated expression at your friend.

"Don't say I didn't warn you."


Echoes of a stick being tapped on objects became closer and closer to you, so you ran again.

You never felt so scared in your life. After all.........you seen those dead looks in all the people you talked to. All that red painting the floor and walls.

Stopping, you tried to keep your ragged breaths quiet since you were now in the abandon part of town.


Since that day, you'd never see Jojo anymore and you'd always try to find him, but nothing.

Though when you walk home, or walked with your friends, you'd feel that shiver travel up your spine.

You'd look around but there was no one and another shiver caused you to get goosebumps.

"No one's there, just walk." You say and continued home with suspicion.


Your eyes finally see the busy streets of Who-Ville and you let out a happy sigh.

While running toward the end of the alley, you suddenly crash right into something and it made you fall back onto your bottom.

"Ow....,what-" Your blood ran cold and fear crawled up you as you began to back up.

"N-no! Leave me alone! Please!" Before you could stand fully up, a hand harshly grabbed your arm. The force made you spin and you feel pain in your back and your head.


Red. Not just any red. Not paint. How can it be when their eyes are staring lifelessly to the ceiling.

Your hands gripped your face in shock and you held back yell, only to let in shaky breaths.

There was the missing who boy, standing in the mess with red on him as well though he was alive.

The kitchen knife gleamed in his hand as he stared at you with an emotionless face, though it change.

That big sinister grin and his eyes were wide open except his pupils were small before his grin turned into a small sad smile.

"They..,....They kept using up your time....."

You shook in fear at how soft, calm, and quiet his voice was after all he did.


Jojo glanced down sadly then looked up to chuckle lowly with the grin back, "....time that you should've used to spend with me."


Everything was blur but you could see the face of who you were afraid of. His hands held you against the wall.

"(Y/n)?.........why.....why did you run away from me?" Jojo asked with a very sad face, almost depressing.

You glared, not answering and kicked him between before running in the opposite direction of civilization.

His dark and cold chuckle echoed softly, "(Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n)."

You managed to open a door and run inside while locking the door. "AH!" Your foot met nothing under you as you flung your arms around to keep from falling forward into the darkness below.

"No, no, no, no, no....AH!"

You fell but a force grasped your wrist, pulling up you up. The heartbeat was all you could hear in your ear......but it wasn't your heart.

Chills ran through you as you go to scream but Jojo covered your mouth, flipping you so he could hug your back.

"(Y/n)..,,.,.stop." Jojo whispered in your ear and you shivered, struggling to get out of his grip.

"I'm never letting you go..... you're mine."

You felt him spin you again to face him as you close your eyes, only to feel a hand cup one side of your face.

Immobilized in the spot, you cried silently since you were so scared he was going to hurt you.

"Look at me."

You shook your head.

"Look at me!"

A sob escaped you as Jojo harshly grab your face to pull it close to his. Hesitantly, you open your eyes to stare into his normal brown eyes as they softened.

"You're always so beautiful, now..........you're mine, (Y/n)."

His pupils shrunk again with that wicked grin and you sobbed more when he smashed your lips with his in a harsh kiss.

Soon Jojo pulled away and hugged you close.




"Servatis a periculum. Servatis a maleficum."

A soft whisper reached Jojo's ears, making his embrace tighter on you.

Your tears poured after those words let your mouth.


(P.S. I was listening to Whisper by Evanescence and I don't think I did a good job, but it's something.)

Servatis a periculum = [save us from danger]

Servatis a maleficum = [save us from evil]

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