Rhythm of Love (Onceler x Reader)

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(I listened to Rhythm of Love by the Plain White T's to help and this was a request. So enjoy and hopefully it's what you wanted.

Sorry if it's short.)


When looking up at the sky while laying down on a beautiful day, the fairly faint visible clouds drift by above. Maybe adding a soft breeze to cool your warm face almost like a caress to your cheeks. This day wouldn't be wasted, especially to The Onceler.

Even though he lives in the Truffula Forest, sometimes it's good to just lay down and relax in this peaceful environment. The grass beneath him had given him a comfortable cushion along with the tree supporting his back. His caring and lively blue eyes shift around the sky, like he's reading something above.

In the corners of his eyes, Onceler spotted the lovely lady who stood two feet away. Her arms were crossed as she waved lightly, smiling warmly. For five years, Onceler's live here in the forest and during those four, (Y/n) had been there.

With a single gesture from Onceler's arm and a very cheerful smile, (Y/n) took this invitation to happily curl into his side. Onceler now wrapped his arm around you in a warm embrace.

"This seems too good to be true."

Your glimmering (e/c) eyes glances up at those cerulean eyes that stared up at the sky. "What do you mean?" You ask as Onceler turned on his side to face you, his arm still around you and you met a tender smile.

"I mean that we live here in this, practically enchanting like forest." You feel him caress your cheek lovingly and you lean into his palm, eyes fluttering shut. "Especially when I'm with the most greatest woman in my life."

A snicker comes from you along with a roll of your eyes, "The only woman in your life, Mr. Onceler." Onceler flinched a tad bit when you pinch his cheek before he pouts, "What did I tell you about that Mister stuff?"

You giggle, sighing happily and relaxing onto his chest, "I don't know.........." Hearing Onceler's heart thump with a rhythm, making you start to lull off to dreamland. "All I know......is that I love you, Onceler."

Onceler glances down at your peaceful face, then sighing loudly in content before smiling at the sky. His fingers brush through your hair which caused you to smile softly.

"I love you always, (Y/n). My Sweet Wild Thing."

A laughed bubbled up from you, losing all evidence of relaxation as you lightly shoved Onceler's arm. "Such a mood killer!" You hear him laughing while he sat up to lay flatly on the grass, "Sorry, I couldn't help it."

You shake your head, smiling and giggling, "Figures. You're just a giant dork-a-sorious." Onceler gave an, 'Are You Serious?' look toward you and laughed lightly, "What kind of word is that? Come to think of it, YOU'RE a huge dork yourself, Missy."  He boop-ed your nose.

You pout, flicking his forehead and laying down. "Of course I am. If I wasn't then I'd be very boring." Onceler chuckled, pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead, "No matter what, I'm going to love you."

"Good." You smile and nuzzle his chest before relaxing again. Being in his arms, you felt warmth radiating from his body and safety just being near him. Cuddling like this had always been both of your favorite things to do almost all the time.

This is how you knew that Onceler loves you always. That he'd always be there for you through anything and everything.

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