High School (Onceler x Reader) Part 3

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(This is a little longer, but oh well.)


"(Y/n) (L/n)!" I smiled as they called me up to get my diploma. Onceler had gotten his earlier and I passed him. "No don't break you hand this time!" Onceler joked and I punched his arm before walking on stage. Once I got the rolled up paper, I sat back down next to my best friend Onceler. "Cheers for all the new Graduates!" The annoucer yelled cheerfully.

Everyone threw their hats up and I hugged Onceler tightly as he hugged back longingly. "Pictures! Pictures!" My mom said, pulling me, Norma and Onceler together. Onceler's family didn't show, which I found to no surprise since they did that the whole high school year, but Norma and my family were there to give him full support.

"Now who's ready for the last dance tonight?!" Norma yelled. I laughed. "I don't know." Onceler nudged me, grinning. "Come on, (Y/n). I'll be your date again like when we went to prom." "That was funny! You sure so have some crazy dance moves, Oncie!" The three of us laughed. "Let's go (Y/n), Onceler. You'll see Norma later at the dance. You gotta get ready!" My dad said.

"Hey Once? Can you help me with the zipper?" I came out from the bathroom, seeing Onceler decked out in a fancy suit that Norma got him. "Sure." He gently moved my hair and zipped the back. "I know I keep asking this, but did you really stay day and night with me at the hospital that day I punched that guy in the nose?"

Onceler sat me down in front of my vanity, smiling and starting to do my hair. "Well, yeah! I was really worried about you. That's when you broke your hand and everytime it was almost healed...." I laughed when Onceler waved his hand. ".....YOU had to break it! AGAIN!"

Soon you two had made it to the dance and went to walk around outside, like always because of the crowd inside. "You're the bestest friend I ever had Onceler." He smiled, holding your hand. "I'm glad you became my best friend and brought me out of my shell then. You.....helped me a LOT!" That made me smile. "I remember that time we made a promise to graduate together."

"I remember that too. That was when we had fun playing in the mud that day we had a study group with Norma." We both sighed in content, comfortable with the silent walk. There was a stand that sold flowers for the dance couples and I was confused when Onceler stopped to buy one (fav.flower). "Here."

I chuckled, gently taking it from him. "Thanks." We got to a grassy area to rest and I happily laid down. Onceler laid next to me. "Remember the first time we communicated or should I say meet?" I looked at my best friend.

"Yeah I rememeber. Through a note I left in your locker. When I first came I noticed you first and that you looked so lonely so i had to make friends with you because you were so.......interesting to me?" Onceler laughed. "Yeah, everyone would always pick on me back then.....then you came along and changed my life for the better."

 We looked at each other smiling. "But there was one thing that always bugged me and I want to ask you now." This got my attention as I turned on my side to look at Onceler. "What's that?" He turned to looked at me with curiousity. "When you punched the locker, you know the first time you hurt your hand."

 A nervous smile came from me. "Um......you mean the first time you said something to me?" Onceler glared sternly. "Don't change the subject. Why did you REALLY punch the locker?" I sighed, laying back to look at the starry night. "I....I saw you were being bullied that day and I got mad."

"Why weren't you in class?"

"Well I noticed you'd always be later for class so that day i followed, saw what happened, then I made my hurt hand for an excuse to get you out of detention too." A blush formed on my face. "I rememeber the detention part.....I guess you really did care for me."

I sat up and took his hands. "I still do care, always Onceler. I......actually.....like you more than a friend since half way through the year." I looked up to see Onceler blushing. "I feel comfortable with like all the time and...you're funny, kind, smart, and....really cute and handsome." I blushed heavily along with Onceler.

"(Y/n).......I feel the same way. I just kept it bottled up because I didn't want to loose you." I cupped his cheeks gently. "You can never get rid of me now and since you won't ask......Will you be mine?" Onceler laughed lightly, nodding at me. "Technically, I'm already yours."

My eyes rolled, then I leaned in. His lips were soft and the kiss felt so amazing, even more when I felt Onceler wrap an arm around my waist with his other hand on the back of my neck.

This was the best High School Graduation Day ever.

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