Centuries (Steampunk! Greedler x Reader)

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(I'm trying to catch up on requests and I'm so sorry it's taking so long. Hopefully you all enjoy this one.

I don't know Steampunk that much but hopefully this is what it is.)


Across the deserted plains, it held no signs of life though maybe dead plants and quite an oily river. There's nothing around except what you see in the horizon.

The closer you get, the silhouette of the tall structures seem to get bigger and more clear. Yet the only thing you CAN identify is the smogy filled sky and smoke rising from the tip of the structures.

A whistle echoes throughout the facility, going between pipes, gears, metal surfaces, and the heavy machines working overtime.

Around every corner, you can hear gears grinding and cranking especially by the rusty and old equipment. The outside has quite a different sound. Loud thumps and squeaking machines chopping away at the only life there as it falls helplessly.

In the circular window, high above the gigantic factory and over looking at the destruction f the land, stood a figure in the shadows. A man.

From the low lighting from the smog covered sun, a glint shined off the dark lens of the goggles. A sickening smile stayed on his face as he supervised his creations.

On his gloved hands, waist and in the long coat were gadgets that were well hidden for certain things. The top hat stayed perfectly upon the thousands of raven strands.

"Well this all certainly pleases me. Its all so beautiful." His amused chuckle broke the eerily, yet peaceful silence. Of course you still heard the noises from outside but they're muffled.

The ticking of the small device in the hand that pulled it out, showing the time through turning hands. Fingers clipped it shut, slipping the watch back into the pocket after hearing the door open and close.

"Am I right, Miss (Y/n)? Look at it! The dark landscape. Hear it! The melodic music of each gear and machine!"

There leaning on the big, paper scattered desk, a young woman swung a huge wrench in her oiled hands. Her clothes fitted her well, not too loose or tight with a belt clipped to her waist with her own gadgets on it.

The goggles that sat on her head, glint as she nodded subconsciously, "Yep......definitely....." Not really paying attention to the Master of Machinery especially since most of the things in the factory were his inventions.

Turning swiftly on his heels, Greedler stared intensely at you though you can't see it because of the goggles, but you could feel it. His shoes clicked with power as he made his way to you before holding out a hand.

"Please partake in this sightseeing with me, dear (Y/n)." A charming smirk was given to you, but unfortunately you just rolled your eyes, "No thank you."

His gloved hand clenched tightly though he still kept his smirk. Behind that fake personality was a pride, greedy man losing his patience. "Very well."

"What are you trying to accomplish, dear sir, with your inventions?" You now stood while leaning on your trusty wrench, wiping black smudges from your cheek.

"A world full of machines. A world that will remember me for centuries. One mistake in the world will go down in history."

A boring hum came from you, "Which is destroying nature. Kinda foolish if you ask me, I mean have you seen what nature can do?"

Anger boiled within the man as he held it back for now, but you were making it quite hard. Heading back to the window, Greedler huffed in annoynace.

"I am aware of what nature can do. I've seen it overpower machines before." An axe was in his hands now and he strolled over to a lone plant near the wall.

"The principle of nature. Most everyone knows, is called survival of the fittest, my dear (Y/n)." You raise your brow at his actions then sigh though a little frightened with the axe in his hands.

"The factory, the machines are like animals...... one That's trying to survive." Greedler swung the axe, making a clean cut through the plant. "Struggling......" You dodged the axe when it flew over your head, "......fighting, Just to keep itself alive. I must keep, feeding it."

What he said also made you boil in anger and you weren't afraid to show it. "Apparently you want to do this alone because of your pride, yet......" You stormed over and poked Greedler's chest harshly, ".....you have a woman keeping your machines running. Seems like you're saying you don't want to get your hands dirty."

Suddenly, his hand shot out and grasped around your neck. A deep frown is etched on his face, "Oh, I wouldn't mind working alone." After a light shove, you stumbled and glared at Greedler who had his hands behind his back.

You scoffed, "Good luck with that. Maybe I can even stop you from all this. It all so dumb." Dusting yourself off, you walked over to the doors once it had gotten quiet.

Pain flooded throughout your body as your back collided with the door. Your vision was black on the edges but you shook it off and felt heavy hot breath blowing in your face.

Greedler held your wrench against you body in a painful grasp. "I'm so very sorry, my dear (Y/n). I'm afraid you forgot who the boss around here is." The wrench starting driving the air out of you and you tried to breath.

"I am. I'm the only who is in control and will get what he wants." Greedler smirked and leaned in, kissing hard on the lips. You couldn't do anything since you were trapped and trying to get oxygen which the nimrod in front of you is making it worse.

He pull away and whispers in your ear, "Hopefully you'll remember that for centuries, darling." His dark chuckle hummed before dropping you to the floor, "Now get back to work."

You wiped your mouth, panting heavily and eyes full of disbelief. He was never like this when you met him, but now his true colors are showing.

Once out the door, the hallways felt empty and had an unbearable silence with muffled clanking and moaning gears. You know, all this was sickening music to Greedler and you clenched your wrench tightly.


"I'll stop you and hopefully you'll remember THAT for centuries."

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