Changes ( ??? x Reader)

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‘One Moment; Can Change A Day.....’

The fruit’s texture drifted across the skin of your hand and the taste danced in your mouth. Though that is not what your attention is set on and even if you are aware of the happy cartoonish atmosphere, there was something happening at the crowded area ahead.

There wasn't much you could do because you didn't want to get too involved, especially how people act around these parts. Though, the only kind-hearted and good soul was the young man who came from the forest outside of town. Sure he was naive, but he helped with little things that meant a lot to you.

“You know what? I am done!”

The young man walked out from under the gazebo and you calmly walked over after the crowd dispersed. The smell of overripe tomatoes greatly pushed aside your fruity smell since the man stood covered in the red vegetable.


He turned around, his ocean eyes slightly confused and annoyed at the soft call behind him. The hat atop your head hid most of your face, so he couldn't quite tell if he's seen you around or not. “What?” He said slightly irritated as he pulled off pieces of tomatoes from his clothes.

A gentle tug on his hand pulled him over to sit on the steps of the gazebo and he watched the work in front of him in surprise. With a twist of the water-bottle, water soaked a handkerchief and you began to wipe his face before his hands as well.

“Why are you helping me?”

You heard him speak and placed the empty bottle away with the handkerchief, smiling briefly. “Because One Moment Can Change a Day, One Day Can Change a Life and One Life Can Change the World.”

With a tip of your hat, the young man known as The Onceler watched your figure walk into town and out of site. He sat there very confused in what you had said and even more confused that he felt that it meant something.

‘A Day; Can Change a Life….’

The loud creak of something heavy falling and thumping down onto the bare grounds reached your ears as you walked down the empty halls in the factory. The big doors rumbled softly once you stepped into the big office and slightly peaked out of the glass windows.

The animals of the once beautiful Truffula Forest were walking in despair and hurt. Sadness and guilt covered like a heavy blanket at the Lorax leaving and left behind a sorrowing Onceler. Yes, you wanted to help them all, but then again, you couldn't interfere much in this place.

In the palm of your hand, you held the round and swirl patterned seed. Looking at your slight  reflection on the glazed surface of the seed, you sighed quietly and grazed your thumb over the smooth texture.

It was never the Onceler’s fault for getting himself in a bad spot. He has a very good heart. Always had and always will. He didn't deserve what had happened in his past or his present,but he does deserve the future.

A small tap on the desk was made when you placed the seed down, leaving it rocking slightly as you let go. Footsteps were coming up the stairs near the windows, so quickly you made your way to the office doors. Onceler walked up, seeing your familiar hat covered figure go out.

“Hey! Wait!”

He ran and threw the doors open, but there was no one. Just empty silence. Onceler glanced down in his own pity and teared up. “They all left me.” He dragged his feet to the desk and sat on the chair, holding his head in his hands. Tears dropped on the desk, but Onceler quickly wiped them when he shakily picked up the seed. The very last Truffula Seed.

‘....And One Life; Can Change the World.’

‘One Moment; Can Change a Day….’

“The Truffula Trees were the most amazing things you ever did see. Their tuffs were so soft like silk and it came in colors of pink, orange, and purple. The way the trees smelt was so divine.”

The orange haired girl listened to your words in great wonder and fascination, smiling at the new found information of the trees. When the girl was in middle school, she found a rare book about plants and though she seen the word ‘Truffula Trees’. She wondered why it was very rare to know when they use to be traditional there.   “What did it smell like?”

That caught you off guard and you didn't know how to answer that, since you didn't know what it smelt like. “Like…...butterfly milk?” Luckily, she didn't question any more and you showed her what it looked like. Yes, this was the only time you got to interfere.

Yet again, it was time to continue to hide in the background as another stranger of this place. No more interfering, no matter what, even if you wanted to because there was too many surveillances now. Only back to watching.

‘A Day; Can Change a Life……’

The heavy smog was a pain, especially when it was impossible to have this much outside in a valley like wasteland of dead tree stumps. Though after awhile, it's bearably. The moon was able to come through the dark night sky and you listened from the Onceler's roof as he told Ted the story. The fruits you had were rare in these parts, so you made sure you ate when you're alone.

During the few days Ted came, Onceler noticed a fruity scent would waffle around and it reminded him of someone. He didn't know, but finally it came to him on that last day with Ted.

“So this is really all your fault. You destroyed everything.”

The Onceler sighed, glancing down in guilt, “Yes. And each day since the Lorax left, I've sat here regretting everything I've done, staring at that word, "unless," and wondering what it meant. But now I'm thinking…” He looks at Ted, “Well, maybe you're the reason the Lorax left that word there.”

“Me? Why would he leave that for me?”

‘....And One Life; Can Change the World.’

After Ted asked that, Onceler got a sense of déjà vu and shook it off, “Because unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” He went to the drawer and pulled out a seed. Now he remembered. Someone gave him a second chance, even after all he's done.

Soon, Onceler was watching Ted leave with the seed and he smiled warmly when he smelt the sweet fruit aroma. “I understand now. You were always there and you helped me.”

You listened above and slowly smiled.

“What you told me back at the gazebo…. You were right.” Onceler still spoke out the window, having a feeling you were listening. Happiness now filled the Onceler and relief washed over him, like he was told he was forgiven. “Thank you.”

“You're welcome, Onceler.” You answered and that made you both smile even the singing coming from Thneedville completed you and him.

One Moment Can Change a Day, One Day Can Change a Life and One Life Can Change the World.

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