Ted Wiggins x Reader (Happy St. Patrick's Day!)

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Ted slept peaceful in his bed. The sun not exactly out yet for the only sound was a window creaking open. The stranger rolled their (e/c) eyes in disapproval, "When will you learn to lock your window, Theodore?" You whispered, but grinned and slipped inside. Ted's mom knew you always had to pull something early in the morning to get her son up, so she had ear plugs in.

Today was the St. Patrick's Day Party that you and Audrey had planned and knowing your best friend, he had forgotten what today is. You waited until sunlight shone in the sky before pulling out a blow horn. A tap on your shoulder made you turn around to see Ted's grandma who smiled happily, pointing to the horn. Passing it over, you got ready to yell.

"I always wanted to do this." Norma pointed out. 3.....2.....1. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!

"AH!" Ted flew out of the bed. "TIME TO GET UP SLEEPYHEAD!" Norma laughed as you ran out Ted's room. "(Y/N)! Grammy, you too?" The boy groaned. "Come on Ted, I'm making breakfast this morning!" Ted smiled, rolling his eyes and got up. Let's say you make food like a pro chef, not really, but everyone seems to think so.

After getting breakfast set up, Ted got his mom up and you all sat at the table. "I still say you cook like a professional chef, (y/n)." Ted said, mouth full of food. "Ted, don't talk with your mouth full, but he's right. Thank you for breakfast (y/n)." Mrs.Wiggins commented as you finished and packed some food in a plastic container. "It's no big deal, but you're welcome. Hey Ted, you don't mind if I borrow your motorbike to give this to Mr. Onceler?"

Ted threw you the keys without a second thought because he trusted you with his bike. "Nope." Still the boy was oblivious to his friend and family who all wore something green. You smiled, "Thanks, Teddy." Giving him a hug, then a big pinch on his arm. "Ow! Hey, what was that for?" You shrugged innocently and ran out. Ted shrugged it off as you were heading to actually pick up the elder Onceler.

Ted was doing the dishes as his mom walked by, "Thanks for doing the dishes for me, Hon." A small pain was placed on his other arm, "Mom! Seriously?!"

Soon Ted and his family headed over to your house which was unusual to Ted, plus every person who walked by him gave a small or big pinch. He noticed his bike parked outside your home and when the door opened, the Onceler stood with smile. "Mr.Onceler?" He asked, then Audrey appeared next to the elder. "Hey Ted, Mrs.Wiggins, Grammy Norma. Come on, (y/n) and I have everything set." Ted was confused, "Audrey too?"

Going in, Ted saw everything decorated with clovers and different shades of green. Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. "Ah! Ow! Okay, what's with all the pinching, people?! First it was (y/n), my mom, people on the streets then now you three?!" He pointed to Norma, the Onceler, and Audrey who tried to hold in a laugh. You heard Ted's outburst and laughed while coming out of the kitchen. "Wow, Ted. I thought the decorations would remind you of today. Here, you better put this on before you end up being black and blue at the end of the party." You tossed something toward Ted.

He caught it, seeing it was a necklace with small clover beads and a huge blinking green clover that say Happy St. Patrick's Day. Suddenly, it all hit him. Seeing every one wearing something green and the pinching from everyone because he didn't even have anything green on. Ted slapped his head, "Oh my gosh! I forgot today was St. Patrick's and the party." Everyone laughed as they went in the back yard with many others who were invited.

You were in the kitchen when Ted came in, "Hey (y/n), thanks, you know for the necklace. I probably would've been black and blue by all those people pinching me." Holding a heavy boxes full of green soda, you smiled at him. "Well I couldn't let my best friend be pinched by random strangers all night, that's my job, well other than your family." You joked, giggling. "Hey!"

"I'm joking. Anyway I have to take these outside, so excuse me." The box was lifted from your hands and Ted smiled at you. "It looked heavy." Your (e/c) orbs rolled, but were grateful for the help. "Thanks Ted." You kissed his cheek and ran off to help Audrey hand out food. A blush dusted Ted's cheeks, quickly snapping out of it with goofy grin and glanced at you through the whole party.

Late that night, Audrey only helped with half the cleaning since she offered to take Mr.Onceler home and so you still had a lot to clean. "Well, this is what you get for throwing a party at your house (y/n)." You said to yourself, but grin. "At least it was fun." "You need help?" A voice asked and you turned to see Ted with his own cleaning supplies. "Sure. If that's not too much of a hassle." You two started cleaning and got done less than an hour. "Thanks for helping me again Ted." He waves it off, "It was nothing, couldn't let you do it alone." You walked your friend to the front door, noticing how he rubbed his neck nervously. "You alright there?"

"Yeah, I-I'm fine, I better get back before my mom notices I'm gone." Ted said quickly and you raised a brow. "You snuck out just to help me?" Ted finally built enough courage to nod and kiss your cheek, running out the door. "Later!" You stood with a hand on the place of the kiss and grinned, squealing with happiness. Quickly, your hand yanked the door open and yelled out to Ted. "Happy St. Patrick's Day, Tedster!"

Ted was half way down the street before turning around to drive by with a wave. "Happy St. Pat's, (y/n)!"

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