Mine (Onceler x Neko! Reader)

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(Okay, I'm sorry if this one shot isn't so good. I tried my best on characterizing a neko.)

"I know you're there! Come out or I won't hesitate to...."

Onceler glanced at his broom, "....to-to wack you with this deadly weapon!"

Blue eyes darted around in fear, though ready to strike if anything came out. Onceler shuffled closer to his bed and took a deep breath before looking under. Wide (e/c) eyes stared back at him in fear, making a faint growl sound which Onceler poked the broom under.

A loud hiss caused Onceler to back up and shake when you came out. Your tail flicked in annoyance at the broom, while your ears folded back when you look back the cowering young man. Slowly and hesitantly, you crawled toward him and caused Onceler to close his eyes.

His eyes flew open and caught you sniffing his face. With a cute but loud sneeze, you shook your head and began to look around the kitchen. No idea what was going on, the man stood up and watched you sniff around before opening the fridge. Happily, you took out your favorite food and ran to sit on Onceler's bed.

"Um.....maybe you should warm that up first." He reached for your food but you hissed and backed away. Onceler gulped, "okay, okay. Dont touch your food, got it." It was quiet except your purring when you ate. With a tired groan, Onceler thought about how you came in though it was obvious since his windows are always open.

Few moments later, you stretched and let out a tiny squeak, making Onceler squeal in his head. You had slipped under his bed and fell asleep. The young man laid down, hoping you wont do anything when he slept.

As soon as Onceler fell asleep, you started to shiver from the cold and you peak over the bed. Onceler had a very peaceful face while snoring and mumbling in his sleep. Your tail swayed in thought and made up your mind. Very slowly, you crawled up to lay next to the young man. The warmth radiated off him and you purred happily, going to sleep.

The next morning Onceler got up to find your big (e/c) eyes staring at him. "Ahhhh!"

You jumped when he yelled and took off to hid under his bed. Soon Onceler calmed down, getting ready for the day which meant breakfast. From under the bed, you watched him then growled a bit when a plate was set down in front of you.

Onceler went back to making his food, not noticing you walking up behind him once you finished your food. "Okay, so i have half cat girl in my home. So what do i do-" He stopped talking when something purred and nuzzled his shoulder. Slowly, Onceler sees you smiling at him with those big eyes and hug his side. He couldn't help it, "Aw! Look how adorable you are."

You began to purr more loudly and happily when he stratched behind your cat ears. "Okay. Now let me eat." Onceler tried to pull away but you still hung onto him. "Mine." You said and that made Onceler's eyes widen, "You speak?" You nod but dont say anything more.

All morning, you were clinging to the Onceler and you had your tail around his waist. Onceler sighed, rubbing his face, "I am going to town, so stay here." You shake your head stubbornly and growl a bit, hugging him. "Mine."

Onceler somehow managed to lock you in the home. Unfortunately when he sat on the wagon, you appeared beside him.

"Ah! What?! How did you- i mean- what?!" An idea popped in your mind. Onceler babbled on then glances at you, only to get caught in your cuteness. Your ears were flat against your head and your eyes showed saddness. "No, you're not using that on me." Onceler looked away and peaked to see your eyes get bigger along with tears.

"You're too cute, but you can't always use that on me." Onceler said with a pout and blushed. You wrapped your arms around his neck, nuzzling his cheek while purring.

In town, everyone had their eyes on you and Onceler. Especially on you. You didn't have a care in the world as you looked in every window of every building. One place had your favorite food so you walked in and caused a very big commotion. "I want food! Give my food!!"

Onceler came in to dragged you out and apologize to the manager. "What do you think you're doing? You do not do that." Onceler scolded you. Your ears were flat in sadness but your tail flicked in irritation since you didnt get your favorite food.

Onceler sighs, "You know what. I'll get whatever you want next time, okay? What's your name anyway?" He smiles as you spoke in a timid voice, "(Y/n)."

"Well, (Y/n). I declare you as my adorable kitten." He pet your right ear as you nuzzled into his hand affectionately. Your wrapped around his waist yet again and you look up at him happily, "My Oncie?"

Onceler melted and hummed a laugh, patting the top of your head and hug your side, "Yes. Your Oncie."

A loud purr emitted from you and he felt you lick his cheek after nuzzling his shoulder. "Mine."

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