Your Heart (Onceler x Vampire! Reader) Part 2

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Onceler finished a meeting, tiredly walking into his office and went to sit, only to see a figure standing outside.

(E/c) eyes staring into his soul. He watched as they placed something down on the floor of the patio before their eyes meet.

 You shook your head sadly and disappointed, changing into a bat to fly off. Onceler realized it was you and ran out only to see you disappear in the distance. "(Y/N)!" His chest tightened and one of his fists collided with the rail.

Calming down with the longing feeling in heart like when you went you took a big part of him. His blue eyes landed on the thing laying on the floor.

A red rose with a note. "I will always be watching and waiting. It tortures me, will see soon. Once the rose withers I will come back. I love you - (Y/n)"

Onceler cried, his heart heavy and looked out at the land. Ever since you left, Onceler's been feeling so lonely and sad like he was living in a dream he never had. "I will wait. I love you (Y/n)." You heard and it killed you over and over again, but you needed to wait. "I'll always be here."

Over the years, you watched as the factory shut down, his family leave him alone. You wanted to hug him, but it would be too early and it would be too hard just couldn't when he's got a life to live and fix. Unlike you.

Onceler sighed in sadness and guilt, now he was a monster for what he did to everyone.

One night during one of the years, you had slipped into Onceler's arms to smile gently at his peaceful sleep and kiss his cheek softly, but only to leave before the sun rose.

Every day was the same. Look out the window, check the rose, eat a little, check the rose, sleep, look out again, check the rose. Onceler wished he could see you and he knew you were always there watching. Your (h/l) (h/c), shining (e/y) eyes, that first and last happy smile you gave him. Your kiss.


Now who would bother him this early? Onceler grunted annoyingly, going out not noticing the rose growing more and more withered.

Almost time. You were getting excited, smiling as Onceler dropped the Truffula Seed into the boy's hands. You were the one who had found the seed and secretly gave it to Onceler.

Weeks after, green grass grew and new Truffula trees. That night Onceler sighed, not bothering to check the rose when he heard the doorbell ring. "That boy better have a good reason to come out this late. TED WHAT DID I-" Opening the door, Onceler froze.

"(Y-Y/n)?" You smiled shyly, seeing his ocean blue eyes never changed. "H-hi." You yepled when you're pulled into a tight hug. "I've missed much (Y/n)." Onceler pulled away to look at you with heartbroken eyes. "Why did you leave?"

"Do you want to be like me?"


"Live with me forever?" You hoped he would say yes or you would live dead inside for the rest of your forever life. "(Y/n)........I love so so much......." Onceler sounded hesitant.

Looking down and closing your eyes, waiting for a no answer. "Yes."


Onceler laughed lightly at your happy glow radiating off of you. "Well yeah. I can't leave you because I love you so much and......I can't lose you again." Quickly, you slipped off his old gloves. "What are you doing?" "Hold up your hands, like this." Onceler held up his palms in front of you, fingers out like yours.

"This will pinch, but the transformation will be painful..." You were hesitant, not wanting to hurt him. "Do it." At that, your nails grew and you gabbed them quickly into Onceler's fingertips. Onceler flinched, then fell on his knees.

For awhile both of you didn't move until Onceler's appearance started to change back into his young self. "Onceler?"

Suddenly, you were dipped down and felt a pair of lips on yours. Your closed eyes now opened to see Onceler's eyes flash red before going back to the blue color. Onceler smiled.

"I love you, (Y/n)."

"I love you too, Onceler. You showed me love...... something I never knew and......and I discovered my true self." Onceler held you close, smiling lovingly.

"And you're the Angel that showed me the light in my life (Y/n). I've waited and now.....I have you forever."

You both leaned into a passionate kiss, then stood there holding each other in comforting silence.

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