My Hero (Little Onceler x Little Sister Reader)

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My Hero (Little Onceler x Little Sister Reader)

'My Hero Knows Me Best Of All.' 

"On?" A tiny voice squeaked quietly. 12 year old Onceler groaned tiredly and opened his droopy eyes. "Hm?" Seeing his brothers were still asleep, but looked down to shaking little girl. "(Y/n)?" Fully awake now, Onceler sat up to pick you up into his arms and you both cringe at the loud snores in the room.

'When I Am Down, It's Him I Call.'

"Let's get you back to your room." He whispered, carrying you out in the hall toward your room. "Aunt Grizelda snoring again?" You shook your head no and that's when Onceler knew why you always came to him. "Mom yell at you again?" Your head leaned on his shoulder as he sat down on your bed. Slowly, Onceler brushed a hand through your (hair color) hair and feels you tighten your fist on his shirt. "Don't worry, (y/n). She doesn't mean it, probably stressed from something." Onceler tried to reassure you, but already knew you wouldn't go back to sleep unless he stayed. "On, you staying?" You see him smile at you and nodded before you let him lean comfortably against the bed head board. Onceler ushered you to lay by him and held you close to his side. 

'My Hero Sails The Open Seas, He Does It All For Me'

Onceler was doing the dishes when he heard his mom yell somewhere in the the house. "YOU LITTLE BRAT! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS BUGGING ME!?" Quickly Onceler rushed off to find you crying against that wall outside her room. "(Y/n)? Are you okay?!" All you wanted was a hug from your mom, but she'd just roughly sat you in the hall. Suddenly, her door flew open as she stood with an angry face. "Oncie, what are you doing up here? I thought you're suppose to be doing chores, now go!" Onceler went to grab you when his mom stoped him. "Leave her. Chores now or no playing guitar for a week."

'And When I Am Frightened, Or I get scared.'

Onceler's blue eyes widened at that, but seen how frightened you looked. He looked down, then up to his mom with a determined and brave expression.

'I Don't Need To Worry, Cause I Know He Is Always There.' 

"I'll finish my chores, but I'm taking here with me." In your mind, you knew your brother loved music especially playing his guitar. Your mom seemed surprised which changed into a smug frown. "Fine. Take her just make sure she doesn't bother me and remember Oncie. No playing that annoying guitar for a week." 

'My Hero Takes Me By The Hand.' 

Onceler nodded before helping you up and taking your hand. "Come on (y/n). Let's go down stairs, you get to hang with me." He smiled at you and you did the same, feeling happy your brother Onceler loved having you around. Not knowing you had dry tears on your cheeks.

'He Builds Me Up And Helps Me Stand'

In the kitchen, Onceler placed you on the counter by the sink. He held a damp wash cloth and gently wiped your face. "Mommy hates me. I hate her." You said sadly yet mad. Onceler stopped, giving you a disapproving look. "(Y/n). That's not nice, mom loves you and you can't hate her." You cried more, looking at Onceler. "But she not there all the time, On." Onceler's expression softened and he smiled warmly. "You know why I wouldn't hate mom?" His hand wiped your tears.

"Why?" "Because I wouldn't have an Awesome sister like you." That made you smile a tiny bit, but frowned at what happened earlier. "But I got you in trouble." Onceler hugged you, whispering in your ear. "I would chose you over anything in the world, even my music and guitar. I'll always be here for you (y/n) and nothing will stand in my way to keep you safe. I love you (y/n)." You hugged him back tightly, smiling happily that someone loves you. "I love you too, On. You're the awesomest brother in the world and my hero."

'I'll Always Be Proud As Can Be, Cause He's My Brother Onceler'


(The song is from LOZ: The Wind Walker, Aryll's Theme Song and I kinda changed the end to Onceler from Link. ^-^)

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