Reason Being, My Sweet Melody (Older! Jojo x Reader)

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Jojo sighed softly, looking at all the college pamphlets his dad gave him. None had caught his attention. Even the famous music schools, and to be honest with himself, he felt he wasn't ready for that yet. Although, Jojo is graduating soon, he had things planned until he was ready for college.

Reason being?

Well, Jojo couldn't just leave you behind.

His swivel chair turned to look at his bed. The Who-Girl that lay on her stomach with tons of books and papers around her........was Jojo's girlfriend. Which is you.

(Y/n) (L/n). Yeah, you two were together, but nothing too serious because you two wanted to focus on important things now for the future.

You stared blankly at the mumbo jumbo that everyone called Homework. Jojo knew your mind wandered off all the time and he knew you tried your hardest to study and pay attention in class. Sometimes the teachers showed you how to do the work, but right when you turn away....your mind goes blank of what you heard in that moment.

Jojo made it easier for you to learn by mixing in lessons with things you found interesting. That had you and him become great friends, until it got to the point where you two were so close that it became great lovers.

Jojo smiled tenderly and got up to lay next to you. Your head falls onto his shoulder as you finished one problem by yourself. Jojo watches your pencil write the answer you figure out, even if it was in a lazy manner, you finished your homework. Maybe leaving few problems blank and stating you'll finish it the next day.

Subconsciously, Jojo starts humming a tone and does one problem for you. You look at the Teen-Whovian that you love so much and see him grin at you. "Haven't picked a college yet?"

Jojo chuckles breathlessly, "No, but there is a reason."

You narrowed your eyes at him in confusion, "What's that?"

A very faint beat drummed when Jojo tapped his fingers like he's playing an imaginary piano and he shrugged, "It's too soon is all....." A faint blush gave him a shy demeanor, "....Though there is a more IMPORTANT reason too."

You moved to another class homework, but you decided to do it later and gave your full attention to your boyfriend. "What's the important reason?"

Jojo grins happily and wraps his arms around you, "I can't leave my Sweet Melody behind."

You lightly blushed and bury your face onto his chest, shyly nuzzling him. "I'm not a Sweet Melody."

Jojo laughs lightly turns so you lay on top of him, his hand gently brushes your hair back, "Yes, you are. A melody that I will never forget. One that lulls the bad things in my life. A melody that follows wherever I go and one I will remember."

You watch Jojo lean up to touch his forehead on yours, speaking softly and lovingly, "A Sweet Melody that I Love...."


Jojo leans closer.


You feel him kiss you softly and your eyes close with a heartwarming feeling. It made you feel like you're in a daze, a dream. Unfortunately, you had to yawn and pulled away.

Jojo chuckles and sits up, "It's getting late." He stands up, starting to put your books and papers away in your backpack. When he's done, you stare at him as he running a hand through his dark hair.

Jojo turns around and rasies a brow at you, silently asking if there's something wrong. You, of course, smile sheepishly and look away shyly. Yes, you have to admit and not out loud, but Jojo is very good-looking guy with a big heart. Your Sweet Melody.


Looking back at Jojo, he nods his head for you to come over. You get up and walk up to be hugged by him. He holds you tightly and kisses your forehead sweetly as you hug him back.

"I love you, (Y/n), My Sweet Melody."

You grin happily and kiss his cheek, "I love you too, My Little Song-Bird."

Jojo laughs silently, raising his brow with an amused expression, "Really?"

You nod proudly and Jojo rolls his eyes with a warm smile.

Reason being, is that Jojo never wants to leave you behind. No matter what anyone else says, especially his parents, he will take you with him as long as you want to go. He wants his Sweet Melody to follow wherever the road leads.

Jojo would give up his plans until you caught up to where he is and he will stay beside you through it all.

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