Ted x Daughter Nature Reader (Part 1)

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In the newly grown Truffula Forest, an amazed Ted Wiggins had decided to take a stroll again to admire nature all around.

A few trees away, the tuffs moved back and forth from Bar-Ba-Loots jumping in a racing manner. One of the tiny bears didn't jump far enough and began to fall.

Suddenly, vines of plants sprouted from the ground, forming a slide that led the bear into gentle arms of a girl. She smiled warmly, "Be careful little Bar-Ba-Loot." With a wave of her hand, a gust of wind held her up and she placed the bear on the Truffula Tree. That girl....was you. Mother Nature's Daughter. Yeah, one glance at you and people think you're an ordinary girl by the way you dress, but when you look closely at the material of (fav.outfit). It's made of nature's material. Flower pedals, leafs, feathers, possibly clouds and water. The reason why you were down here instead of up in the sky with your mother is she let you have a chance to explore and practice the responsibilities of begin a Nature.

As you were walking and making sure everything is in check. A couple of Humming Fish called you over. "Everything alright?" They pointed to a lone Truffula Tree that seemed to have grown to block water flow. "Well, that's a problem." You stood up, holding you hands out to the tree, which barely moved. "Come on. I can do this. Mom said love is the greatest power."

Still the tree was too big for you. "(Y/n), my little dewdrop, do you need help?" Your mother said in your head. "No. I can do it." Your (e/c) eyes shifted to the water. "Hmm......Mom said you can't force anything to do what you want." A grin formed on your face. "But a little love and gentleness and patience can't hurt."

On the bark of the tree, you hand gently stroked it and you spoke softly. The tree began to move slowly away from the stream. The animals began to circle and hug you. "You guys are too kind."

Back to Ted. A controller was in his hand and a small plane flew above him as he made it do tricks in the sky. "No home buildings to run into. Just wide open space- Whoa!" The plane barely missed a flying flock of Swoomee Swans. They squawked at him angrily. "Sorry!" That's when he noticed the plane wasn't in site. "Aw man."

The search for the plane took a lot of time, since the sun started to barely go down.

(Y/n) had finally finished check ups and decided to have fun. "WOOHOO!" You shouted in excitement. "YAY!" Some of the Humming Fish yelled with you from the water slide that you created with the water.

Ted had stopped on the edge of a tall hill, leading down to a river. "There it is!" The plane got caught on a Truffula Tree that hung over the river. Ted looked nervous as he climbed on it. "Okay, Ted. Don't look down, don't look down."

The tree began to rip slowly from Ted's movements and he panicked, stopping his crawling. "Oh no!" He was stuck now and his brown eyes saw the sun start to fade. "Ugh! I'm so gonna get in trouble for coming home late." Looks down fearfully and clutches the tree. "Or for not coming home at all."

A couple of Bar-Ba-Loots and Swoomee Swans watched Ted, knowing that tree wasn't going to hold his weight any time soon. So they began yelling and going in your direction.

You were having so much fun but the whisper of the trees stopped you and seen the animals run at you in panic. "What's wrong?" They pointed in Ted's direction. "A human's in danger? Oh no!" You ran because you didn't know how to consume enough magic to keep you in travel.

Ted shivered from the cold night and from the sound of the trees roots breaking from the soil. "Oh no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!" (Y/n) got there late as her (e/c) eyes widened at the tree and the boy tipping off the cliff. SPLASH!

He came swimming back up, but pulled down. Your panicked especially because that river headed to a water fall. The animals ran with you on the sidelines. "Help!" Ted yelled. Down the river he went. Getting closer to the waterfall with your brain racking for a plan.

(Oh snap! What's gonna happen?! Part 2 will be out soon.)

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