Centuries (Part 2) Steampunk! Greedler x Reader

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(Okay everyone, i got carried away with drama and action, sorry. I just was in the zone. So, music i had on while writing is Irresistible by Fall Out Boy and With Me sung by Crush40.

Also, check out DiamondNight6 's Onceler x Reader Fanfiction! Enjoy!)


Flying past the relinquished wasteland and zooming in onto the uninhabited scenery, stood that unbarring machine running factory. Though that's not the main focus, but only the small figures around it. It may seem like nothing until they move and once you get closer~.......................................................................................................~there's Anarchy rioting.

Banging, slamming, explosions. Destruction is breaking all pieces of metal and gears. Everything crumbling piece by piece, gear by gears, machines blowing up. Angry yells and adrenaline filled cheers are echoing throughout the factory. Only one vocie stood out than the rest.

"Take it ALL down, no matter what happens. We make sure this stops NOW!"

"Miss (Y/n), are you sure you can handle that ravenous lunatic alone?"

Her burning (e/c) eyes ignited with silent conniption, as it trails up to the dark circular window on the highest point of the factory. "Oh I am very certain, sir. You and the others keep taking it down from out here." You swung your giant wrench from your back, smashing a heavy lock into pieces.

"Years of working on machinery has finally paid off."


With swift movements, you ran up flights of stairs, even some ladders and walkway railings. Each step causing metallic thuds to bounce off the walls and all metal. Steam shot here and there but it didn't bother you the slightest.

Suddenly, the floor shook violently and screeching metals moved all around. All around gears groaned almost like the building is falling. You yell in panic as you toppled over a rail only to catch yourself one flight down. "What the hell?!" There you climbed to the nearest small opening.

All of it came to a big shock. "No.....no, no, no, no, no, no!!" The machines overworked and groaned, especially to keep the main wing of the building above the ground. "An......an Arachnid Machine."

With more rage at a sudden realization, you took frenzy toward the main office doors and kicked them open. Greedler stood in front of the round window, hands behind his back and chuckled humorously. "You're very late, darling. As always."

You eyed the controls at the big desk and without answering him, you sprint and raise your wrench above the controls. Before the tool made contact, a hard blow to your stomach had knocked the air out of you and sent you slamming into the wall.

"You know every world will have its end, Miss (Y/n) and I'm here to prove it all to you!" Greedler said, calmly strolling and stopping a foot away from you. "By using my machines and inventions. Also, it's so adorable how senile you are."

On your knees, you groan in pain, "I am, who you don't think I am, Mister Greedler!" You glare and grab your wrench to make an unexpected hit to Greedler's face. A loud clank vibrated in the room and the man stumbled back.

You stood after hearing his maniac laugh, "Oh HO! Really!?" His eyes narrowed in a crazied expression, "Don't you see I have you all wrapped up in my evil plan, (Y/n)!"

Something just threw you off track, losing all concentration. The sparks and small sounds of gears turning were showing on a dented part of Greedler's head. A sickening smirk formed on his face as he slowly stepped up to you. "I can taste the day when everything falls! Almost like spells beyond all of you..,........"

Backing up, you accidentally trapped yourself in a corner.

"As I watch you crawl before me for mercy!" Greedler pounced at you but quickly you dodged, running to the middle of the room.

"So do you dare to fight my might, dear?" He turned, pulling out a normal axe from inside his coat. "I'll be the last one standing!" He loved how afraid and fragile you looked. "Oh darling, what are you doing to me?" He grabbed your chin harshly, leaning close to your ear, "The truth will catch up with us eventually, but I have to say~"

You feel his lips lingering near yours, "~I love the way you hurt me."

He kisses you with so much love and honesty while you melt slowly. A jerk from the Arachnid Contraption snapped you out of it and you pulled away. Greedler's eyes are now filled with curiosity.

"You think that you have power over me."

At your strong words, he frowned and growled, "So that's how it is then." He swung his axe at your face, "Too bad!!! In this life, there's no room for you and ME!"

With swift movements, you dodged every hit and swing from the sharp weapon. At one point, you two collided. Axe to Wrench. That didn't last when he managed to fling your trusty wrench under the desk."So, I suggest you turn away!"

Though you counteracted by pulling his axe then slamming the handle right in his face.

You panted, eyes narrowed and grabbed his axe, running right at him, "OR you face this day with me!" Hitting him on the side without the sharp end, Greedler kneeled over in pain. "You know, every world will have its test. Don't blame for what I have become." You say, about to swing the sharp end at his head. "I will stop you from destroying this world!"

"But darling, surely you KNOW~" He hit your leg as you fell, barley nipping his hair with the axe as the weapon dropped. "~Every world will come to end and I'll create your final rest!" Both of you rolled around and you mainly punched him more than him to you.

With one powerful hit, Greedler's head flew back and hit the floor, knocking him out. You stare at him, a guilty feeling creeping in as you now touched his cheek.........in a loving manner. Quickly, you ran and took the controls, making it so the whole machine shut down completely.

Turning around to run out, you felt something wooden against your stomach and see it's the handle of the axe. Your eyes meet Greedler's and a loud boom echoed loudly.

You gasp silently, eyeing the axe which you now noticed had a gun built in it.


Greedler watched you fall onto the floor. With a deep breath, his eyes look up at the ceiling and can tell the Arachnid Machine is falling as well. Closing his eyes, a small smile is on his lips, "Bravo, (Y/n)......bravo."

"It seems you and I will go down in history together..............................................................for Centuries."

A loud crash was all Greedler heard before it all went dark.

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