Greedler x Dog! Reader (Part 2)

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(I'm sorry if this isn't so good. i tried my best on the second part. Enjoy!)


The rain poured onto the sidewalk as Greedler trugged through it a bit mad that his driver never came for him. "Idiot." "Yip!" Greedler stopped to watch a man kick a something small into the wall. "Stupid mutt!" That's when he'd seen it was a puppy. A tiny puppy with her ears down and shivering in the rain. You curled up closely into the wall to gain more warmth, whimpering and crying. Why don't people like me? DId I do something wrong? You cried, curling up more.

Suddenly, you felt something warm under you and you cried louder, thinking it was the man that hurt you. "No, no, no, no.'re alright. Shhh..." Shaking, you look up to a gentle smiling face of a young man. "You're alright, girl." A warm and comfortable hand brushed over your head, his voice soothing you. "Rrrrmm." You snuggle into his chest, keeping warm. Greedler smiled and walked back to his factory with you.

He sat in the dark of the now abondoned factory, staring at nothing. Dry streak of tears stained his cheek as Greedler hugged his knees to his chest. Everyone left him. Even you. Greedler's throat tighened again, clenching his fists, breathing heavily and hiding his face.

"(Y/n)!" Greedler poured your food into the golden bowl, making loud clanking sounds which reached your ears. Your tail wagged and you ran as fast as your little legs could run. "Rrruhf! Rruhf! ARGH! ARGH!" Food! It was food! The only thoughts running through your head. Greedler blinked when you ran in, but.......your paw slid on the slick floor as you slowly slid in a circle before stopping in the middle of the room.

You blinked then your tounge stuck out as you panted and your tail wagged in happiness. Greedler bursted out laughing. No one made him laugh this hard before. "YIP!" You go to your food to sniff it, then look up at Greedler. "What?" He asks. "Rrrrr!" Your tail wags happily then you stand on your feet to gently pat his leg. Greedler kneels down, but as soon as he does jump. Greedler yells, falling on his back only to not get mad. He laughed happily with you licking his face. "Arruff!"

Years pass for Greedler with so much grief and sadness. Everyday it would be memories he had with you, sometimes he'd have nightmares of everything he'd done to you or the promises he broke. "(Y/n)......I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wish you were here." Greedler choked a sob, holding his head in his hands as he laid down alone in his bed. Wishing you'd jump up to lay by his feet or to give him the most annoying wake up call in the mornings, which was you howling random songs. "Why her? Why am I still here?" Greedler whispered.

You looked up and seen Greedler holding up a stick. Quickly, you stood. Tail wagging rapidly, eyeing the stick and tounge happily sticking out. "Arrruff!" You barked softly. Greedler and you played catch in the office, until you jumped to knock him down to lick his face. "(Y/n)!" He laughed then chased you as you pranced around and making sure Greedler missed on trying to catch you.

Once he did, he hugged you tighly as you laid your head on his shoulder. "I love you, (Y/n)." Your tail wagged and you barked, trying to talk. "Aaa warugh aruuu!" Greedler chuckled at your attempt but knew you loved him. "Aaa warugh aruuu!" "Aaa warugh aruuu!"

"Aaa warugh aruuu!" Greedler sat up, sweating and fresh tears streaming down his face after hearing you yet again. "Oh (Y/n). I miss you...." He hugged himself, biting his lip. "Aaa warugh aruuu!" Greedler's head snapped up as he ran over to the window. That's when his green eyes widen and gasped in happiness. "(Y/n)?" Quickly, Greedler ran outside and he panted, leaning over on his knees. "(Y/n)!" He called into the foggy area, looking around frantically. "Arrruff!"

You silhouette sat on a hill as you barked happily. Greedler smiled in relief and ran toward you. "Come here girl! Come here!" You stay where you were at as you whined. Greedler tilted his head, squinting because he couldn't really see you well in the fog. "(Y/n)?" You suddenly ran. "(Y/n)! No! Come back!" Greedler ran but his foot tripped on a rock that stood from the ground.

"Augh!" Greedler panted, staring at the ground then up at the hill you were on. "Aaa warugh aruuu!" You howled sadly. Greedler laid there, tears pouring from his eyes and he cried. "(Y/n)......(Y/n) don't leave me. Please don't leave me alone." He wrapped his arm to hide his face, sobbing loudly and not caring if anyone thought he was crazy. All he cared about was having his best friend back.

You whined sadly, watching your master feel so sad all those years and you've been there for him. It's just.......he couldn't see you. One day you tried to get him to follow you, but the man said it wasn't his time yet. That day you could only tell Greedler you loved him still and howled sadly, crying.

Greedler stared at the ceiling, not really moving since he was so old. The Swoo-Me-Swans hummed gently outside the window of the new day. Everything was back to normal and had regrown, but.......Greedler wished you would've came with the new life. He sighed, closing his eyes. "I love you, (Y/n). I hope you're waiting for me."

You lazily played with a butterfly, but soon laid curled under a tree and whimpered. Tears came down your eyes and you closed them to try to relax. "(Y/n)?" Your eyes opened and turned your head toward your name.

Greedler looked to see he's young again and he grinned. That's when he heard a whimper. "No." He whispered. Slowly the young man walked toward a tree and stopped eurptedly. His eyes landed on a familiar curled up dog. "(Y/n)?" He seen you turn your head, then perk your head up as you whined toward him. Greedler felt his chest tighten as he gasped in happiness, swallowing the lump in his throat.

"(Y/N)!" He whistled and ran. You quickly jumped up and ran toward your master happily, howling loudly. "Arrroooooouuu!" Greedler felt tears already streaming down his face, his friend, his best friend. She waited, SHE waited for HIM. He knelt on the ground and you pounced on him, licking his face without stopping. Greedler heard you whimper like you were crying.

"You waited. You waited for me, girl." He held your face gently as you licked his nose. Greedler started sobbing again and pulled you into a tight embrace. You cried happily, laying your head on his shoulder and nuzzling his neck, whimpering. "I love you, (Y/n). I love you so much, girl. I missed you." You pulled away, making your wet nose touch his cheek then you howled happily. "AAA WARUGH ARUUU! AAA WARUGH ARUUU!"

Greedler pulled you close again. "I will never leave you again, (Y/n)." You panted, licking his face again. Greedler wiped his face then held a up a stick. Your eyes followed and you smiled, "Arruff!" "Want it?" "Arruff!" He threw it and you chased after it but stopped only to run after Greedler when he ran the opposite way of the stick. You barked, chasing your best friend and master as he laughed. "Can't catch me!" "Arrruff!"

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