High School Onceler x Reader (Part 1)

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"So new girl." Norma, the one who voluteered to show me around who is also the student body president, said.


 "Right, (Y/n). Sorry. Have you seen anyone you like?"

I gave her an 'are you serious' look. "I'm not intrested."

"Come on. Gotta at least have a tiny crush."

"Nope." My answer very serious as Norma laughed.

"Okay I won't ask, but you soon will." We stopped at my locker. "You remember where the art class is right?" I nodded as she walked away to get to class, while I put books back into my locker. A squeak made me peak around my locker slightly to see a tall young guy with black tusseled hair, wearing white button up shirt with black pants.

Getting my things, I started walking toward the art room as the bell rang and class started. Nothing really much happened, only just to draw whatever came to mind in my sketchbook.

"Mr. Onceler. Late again I see." I heard a quiet 'sorry' before someone sat beside me. In the corner of my eye, it was the same guy that I have a locker next to.

The bell rang after a few minutes and I walked out to meet Norma. We had other classes together along with that guy who seemed to have good grades from what I've seen, but he was always late for all classes.

Lunch has started as I pulled out my own from my bag, sitting next to Norma with her friends. There he was again across the room. Alone and doodling in a book. "Hey Norma." "Hm?" I pointed with my head. "Who's that?" She looked at the guy and smiled. "That's Onceler. He's very quiet, shy, possibly by himself all the time, but really smart. why?"

I shrugged. "I just see him in every class and noticed he's always late to class." Norma shrugged too. "I don't know. One thing's for sure is that he doesn't have any friends." Something told you he need something, or someone, so you finished your lunch quickly and stood. "I'm going to head to my locker to get ready for the next class."

Norma nodded as I made my way while tearing out a paper from my sketch book, writing down one word, then an arrow which pointed to my locker.


My hand slipped the paper into the guy's locker.

The rest of the day went well. I finished my work and wrote or drew in my sketch book. Soon school ended and Norma had to get home which made me go to my locker alone. I hummed a song I loved that played on the radio when something slipped out from my locker.

A paper.

 The same one I written on during lunch. Picking it up, I smiled as I saw a reply in neat hand writing.


 Days later, Onceler and I communicated through notes which was his comfortable level.

One day, I looked over when we were both at our lockers just as he did too. His blue eyes surprised me since I never really looked at them. A smiled made it's way on my lips and I gave a wave. Onceler looked surprised too, but smiled lightly before I went to class.

Getting to the classroom door, I stopped. "You know what. I'm going to find out why he's always late to class." Turning around and walking back, I went around the corner only to quickly backup to hide. "Didn't we tell you that you don't belong here and never come back?"

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