Let's Celebrate Halloween! (Greedler x Childish! Reader)

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(Happy Halloween to you all and to all a good fright! *chuckles darkly, then grins* Be safe to you all! =D)



"AH!" Greedler stared at the sudden Jack'o'lantern on his desk, then glared up at you. "What is this?"

You smiled proudly and innocently. "A Jack'o'lantern. I read a book on Halloween and I just HAD to make one!"

Greedler furrowed his brows then shook his head. "No. Just no."


He turned the pumpkin around to see the glowing face of The Lorax. "This is why."

"Come on! You know it's adorable!"

Your face fell as Greedler began to work again then you grinned skipping around next to him. "Gueeeeess whaaaaaat?" You sang. 

"It better be important (Y/n)."

"It is. We're going Trick or Treating!!!"


"Yes and don't worry about going to that meeting because I canceled all of them that we're today!" You yelled happily out the door.

Greedler's eyes widen, standing up. "WHAT!? You- how did you- you're not even authorized to do that!"

"Well I just did! You're costumes in the bedroom!"

You ran into Greedler's room in a Pirate outfit, only stopping to see Greedler wasn't in his costume.

"Why's you not in your costume?"

"Halloween is not my priority or none of my interest. Plus!" He held up a Dracula costume. "I am not walking around dressed as a vampire!"

"Awwwwww! Please! I made sure the costume makes you handsome!" You blushed slightly, running out.

Greedler sighed with a blush.

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!" 

Greedler was dragged by you around town and luckily nobody recognized him, but he had to admit.....he looked very handsome. 

"ARRRRRGH! Hey let's take that house!" You bounced over to a creepy decorated home, but quickly pulled Greedler in front of you. "You first!"

Rolling his eyes you stepped forward only to yell as a person jumped at him from the ground.

"EEEEP!" You jumped into Greedler's arms.

The person laughed then held out a bowel from the table.

You relaxed and smiled taking two handfuls. "CANDY! OH! Trick or Treat! Wait.....I was suppose to say that before. Oh well."

Greedler was actually having funny even though he got jump scares from everywhere. Especially since you made him laugh when you got scared.

"AHHH!" Jumpping in his arms again, you blushed when Greedler laughed at you.

"You're suppose to be a Pirate and they're fearless!"

"Well you're a vampire and they're not scared of anything!"



"Hey Greedler?" You got no reply and turned around to see him gone. That made you freak a bit because you thought you lost him. "Greedler?"

You shook all over, suddenly hearing a whisper by your ear. "BOO!"

"AHHHHH!" You turned to hit Greedler with your plastic sword repeatedly. "DIE MONSTER! DIIIIIIIIEEEEE! AHHHHH!"


You stopped and stared. 

Greedler was suddenly in a tight hug, then heard you crying. "Hey, Hey. (Y/n) I'm sor-"

"I thought I lost you!" You cried, nuzzling your face into his chest. "I don't like to be lost!"

Greedler blushed at your action, but felt bad for scaring you so he wrapped his arms around you tightly. "I'm sorry. I promise I won't leave you okay?"

You sniffed, nodding. "NOW MORE CANDY!"

Being dragged again, Greedler rolled his eyes at your sudden mood changes, but smiled nothing less. 

You two walked back to his bedroom to dump all the candy on the bed. "Look at all this CANDY!" Taking (fav.candy), you were about to eat it but Greedler stopped you.

"Check it first. I don't want you turning into a zombie on me." He chuckled.

You giggled, then nodded, letting him check all the candy. You didn't know that Greedler cared so much for you that he didn't want you getting sick by poisoned candy.

"Do you want to make more Jack'o'lanterns to decorate the factory?" He asked absent mindedly. 

"Really!? Yes!" You smiled happily. 

Both of you were cutting, talking out pumpkin seeds and cutting again into the pumpkins. Soon you made enough to place in certain areas of the factory.

The last one you placed in his office where the last Jack'o'lantern was. Greedler had thrown away the other one.

"Are we done?" He asked from beside you.

"Yep! Its so pretty right!?"

Greedler looked at you and smiled. "Yeah. Actually.....it's beautiful."

You looked at him and blushed, smiling shyly. "Oh." Shyly moving your feet on the floor. Suddenly you kissed Greedler's cheek and ran out. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN GREEDLER!"

Greedler smiled, holding his cheek and yelled back. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (Y-" He turned the Jack'o'lantern to see your masterpiece and fumed. "(Y/N)!!!!!!!"

A laugh echoed through the factory along with Greedler's yells.

There on his desk sat a Jack'o'lantern with the Lorax's face on it.

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