All the Small Things (Daddy! Jojo x Mommy! Reader)

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(I had inspiration from the song by Blink 182. Enjoy! Hopefully it's what you wanted. I'm sorry if it's not the best.)


It wouldn't have been a problem if coming home late wasn't worrisome and tiring, but having your own family will take its toll.

Especially someone who has a career as a musician.

The dark haired male sighed tiredly through his nose, closing his eyes once he parked the car out front. Tonight's show was quite a hassle especially when more fans came to cheer him on.

'This sucks. I thought a music career would be easy and fun.'

Hazel Brown eyes now examined the picture that's pinned above the visor. That image was the only thing that reminded him of what waited inside his home.

A gentle and loving smile grazed his lips before his slender fingers opened the car door.

In the crispy night air, the soft hum came from the male and one song that he sung at his show. The lights were off inside the home since darkness met the figure as they stepped in.


The crowd went wild during the very first performance that started a music career. Everyone loved him, though only one had caught his attention.

Even way before he started in public.

"All the small things! True care, truth brings! I'll take one lift! Your ride best trip!"

His voice carried out among the crowd as they waved, jumped, and went crazy. Though his hazel brown eyes stared at (e/c), their smile very shy but they sang along.

"Always I know! You'll be at my show! Watching, waiting, commiserating!"


Flicking on the lights, the first thing that caught his eyes were a dozen red roses laying on the stairs.

"That was a very crazy show."

There leaning against the kitchen doorframe was....., you. Of course your eyes held tiredness but it had happiness.

"Yeah.....I guess so. Do you love it?" He walked up then smiled softly at the little bundle in your arms.

You walked up and smiled down at your baby, "Of course I love your shows. Though I had to leave before half of the show."

"(She/He)'s still so amazing." You watch your husband run he hand over your baby's head tenderly. "I know, Jojo."

Jojo grins at you, brushing whiz hand over your cheek gently, "You are my amazing wife and I love you both so much."

Your baby shifts and looks up at Jojo with big eyes then smiles, "Eh!" They reach their hands out to him as he takes them in his arms. "I'm back, sweetie. Daddy's home."

Your baby squeals a bit and hugs Jojo's face, humming in content. Jojo smiles warmly and kisses their head, "My baby (boy/girl). I love you and your mother so much."

Jojo sighs happily, glancing at his two amazing people in his life. When they can't come with him to most of his shows, so he has a photo of You and your baby in his car. The first thing he sees every time he leaves or gets into the car.

"All the small things are the best. Right, Jojo?" You say softly and your baby sneezes, nuzzling their face on their daddy's shoulder.

Big hazel brown eyes stared at both you and Jojo with a gummy smile. That small smile brought a sense of complete happiness to the young couple.

"I know you're tired, (Y/n), but...." Jojo trailed off and blew a raspberry onto your baby cheek. That caused happy laughter to ring out from the little one.

You watched your husband, Jojo, make your baby laugh uncontrollably. Tiredness bugged you but, you just couldn't pass this wonderful site of dad and (son/daughter).

Small things like this had made your and Jojo's life so special and so amazing. Even when Jojo had found that you had your baby, he had and though he wouldn't admit it, cried the first time he held the little bundle of joy.

"Ah!" You yelled, then laughed after Jojo pulled you into a short spin. "Jojo!" His laugh rang out along with your baby and it made your heart clench in joy.

Jojo was glad he had come home late because he had came home to the family he loves. The only two who gave him the courage to keep going at his shows. His own small family which he's a father and husband to are the ones he will keep in his life for a long time.

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