All Hallows Eve (Onceler x Reader)

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(Hey everybody! Just wanted to say Happy Early Halloween! Enjoy!)


"(Y/n). You're over thinking again." Onceler said from his drawing desk.

You groaned. "I'm trying to think of a costume that we can go as to the All Hallows Eve Festival."

"Yeah......wait.......what do you mean we? We're not kids."

Your eyes glared at your boyfriend. "So what? Halloween is the time I can get candy for FREE! Plus! I get to dress up and you're coming with me."



"Because......I'm too old."

That was the last straw. You got up and stomped over, pulling Onceler to his feet then looked him up and down. A mischievous grin appeared. 

"I've got an idea who you will be Oncie!"

Onceler was nervous. "And that is....?"

"Jack Skellington."


"But you're kind, smart, a gentleman, and quite curious like him. AND! He's tall like you!" You jumped up and down happily.

Onceler seen how happy you were about this and sighed. "Alright fine."


That night you and Onceler made his costume and yours.

"Since you're going as Jack, I'll make it fair and be Sally!" Quickly you slipped on a red wig, then started on the paint on your face.

The both of you walked to Greenville to the festival. Jack'o'lanterns were placed everywhere. Many purple, orange, and black lights hung around along with fake webs and spiders. 

People all walked around in many costumes, going to stand after stand, then some kids went around to get candy.

"CANDY APPLE!" You ran over to a both and got (fav.candy apple).

"Now don't get a sugar rush on me. I'll have a hard time catching up with you and I might lose you."

"Yeah, Yeah. Come on Pumpkin King!" You pulls Onceler along, who rolled his eyes, but chuckled. 

You laughed loudly, when Onceler tried to get the apple in his mouth only for him to fall head first in the water. "Your turn." He said bummed. "Prepare to be beat Oncie." You dipped down then felt someone push you forward. 


So you two went to another booth to eat some pumpkin pie. "I love this stuff." Onceler chuckled at your face covered in whipped cream and crumbs.

"Trick or treat!" You say all the way around the homes and stores. Getting compliments along the way about you and Onceler making a great pair.

After awhile you two, stopped back at the gazebo where they held a party and dance.

"Let's dance and go home to het stomach aches!"

Onceler laughed at you, starting to dance crazily with you. "I never thought it would be this fun!" He said happily. 

"I told you! We're never to old for this stuff."

Suddenly, Onceler spun you in the air, hands on your waist, then pulled you close. A loving smile shown along with adoration in his blue eyes.

"(Y/n). My Pumpkin Queen." He bows slightly.

You giggled, bowing back. "Onceler. My Pumpkin King."

"I love you."

"I love you too, Oncie. Happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween to you too."

Onceler gave you a quick kiss then snatched your candy bag, running back to the forest. 

"HEY! No fair! That's mine!" You laughed, chasing after Onceler.  

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