Doubtful (Greedler x Mute! Reader)

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Inside the small coffee shop, only four people minded their own business as they sat in different parts of the room. Of course, this place wasn't so packed because it was hidden on the quiet part of town. Blenders, coffee machines and other mechanical machines to make pastries and drinks had made the place smell divine other than the noise they make.

The bell beeped once the door opened to let in a customer. It grabbed the attention of the cashier and three of the four people. The customers paid no interest as they finish what they had ordered and left.

"The usual?"

"Yes. Take your time with it, I'm gonna enjoy this peace before I head back."

The cashier nodded, not really interested in the man who dressed fairly bright in green. The young man's eyes looked over the small shop to see it's vacant, but had to do a double take toward the back. Sitting away from the window's in a corner, which he almost didn't see, was a girl.

A phone was in her hands, most likely using the free internet here. He watched as she grinned at something and silently laughed once in awhile. His fingers tapped rhythmic sound as he got lost in thought and wanting to talk to her.

"I wouldn't even try. She doesn't talk to anyone."

A sly grin made its way onto his face, "Oh I'm sure no lady can resist this." He waved to himself which caused the cashier to roll their eyes.

"Doubtful. Very doubtful."

Walking to the girl's table, the man slid into the seat beside her and leaned his head on his gloved hand while smirking. "Hello~" The girl tensed and glanced at him, giving him a quick smile in greeting before looking back at her phone. Cursing in his mind, he tried another approach, "My name's Onceler but most people call me Greedler. Either is fine, but I would LOVE to know your name."

A hand was held out, but the girl pulled out a small notebook and turned to a page with writing. 'Hi, my name is (Y/n). Good to meet you.' Greedler blinked in surprise at the note, especially since the girl known as (Y/n) did this without looking. Unfortunately he wanted her to talk so he tried again.

"Well, (Y/n). What brings you here?"

Again, you flipped a couple of pages, 'My favorite drink and internet.'

Greedler can clearly tell you're listening but not speaking and not having interest in him whatsoever. It irked him, but it was a challenge he was willing to accept. "Unfortunately I must take my leave, though I do hope to TALK to you tomorrow." Greedler got up with his drink and turned after hearing a page turn.



Everyday Greedler came back to the coffee shop to sit with you, even though he did most of the talking. Every single time, you'd reply in short hand written answers, almost like you'd done this many times before and especially the way you'd somehow know what he'd say. You can tell Greedler was getting very annoyed when he couldn't get a single, spoken word from you.

"You'll see! I'll get a spoken word from you, no matter what it takes!" Greedler yelled and it made him more mad at the note you held up without looking.



One day, it was the usual conversation but frustration started to get the Greedler and he tried to keep his cool. "You do realize who I am, right?" You gave a nod, staring at your phone. "So why won't you speak to the famous guy who invented Thneeds?!" You shrug and Greedler groans loudly, "Why won't you speak to me?!"

You flip pages, 'Why don't you leave then?'

"Not until you speak once to me!!! Why cant you do that?!"

It started to annoy you now, especially how he won't leave you alone. Everyone always left when they found out and they never want to deal with it. No one would stay around for long, so whats the use? Might as well have them leave before they can even know you completely.

The chair made a loud screech from the harsh force as you stood. You yelled at Greedler, pushing him backwards and it surprised him so much, he froze. All that he heard was harsh breath like you couldn't breath, though he can make out the words that your lips move to.

Warm tears cascaded down your reddened cheeks, not only was it from how mentally hurt you were, but mostly from the burning sensation in your throat. It stung so much it just burned and Greedler looked concerned as you held a hand to your throat.

Greedler grunted when you slammed the notebook onto his chest before walking out. In a huff, he read the page you left on.

'It hurts to speak. Even when I laugh or any sound at all. Every day I scream loudly which is nothing but burning silence because I'm a mute. They all leave once I mention this, so if you go, then goodbye. If you do stay, then welcome to my life of silence.'

You wiped your face, sniffling and walking toward home. Greedler spotted you, speed walking to you before turning you around. "Im sorry." You knew a young man with his stature would most likely not last long in your life and it brought you to your favorite word.


Might as well feel this while it lasted. Greedler hugged you tightly when you leaned into, crying silently onto his chest. It felt nice to feel this warm silence of someone being here for you. Especially when you couldn't say anything.

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