Intimidating (Greedler x Daughter Nature! Reader)

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(I don't know how good this one is but I hope you all enjoy it.)


"Where is she?" Greedler said impatiently, standing outside his factory. Who was he talking about? You of course. Daughter Nature or (Y/n) Nature. "I should've left you there, causing me so much time."

"Well, that's harsh."

Greedler jumped at your sudden voice by him as he turned to see you calmly sitting on the steps like no care in the world while examining the vines that are tattooed on your arms and legs. "Where were you? I called for you an hour ago?" Greedler said walking over, trying to look intimidating.

You crossed your arms, looking at him calmly. "I'm not a genie that come at the snap of the fingers." "Well, I saved you from being cut by my axe machines and I healed you. You said so yourself that you'll anything I ask for saving you."

You sighed. "Yes I did, BUT that does not mean I can come right away when you call. Again, I'm no genie." Greedler growled, then pointed at you. "Just make more Truffula Trees before the last one down is cut."

 You stood, then clentched on hand into a fist as vines sprouted out, tangeling Greedler in a strong hold. "Look green man. You don't just talk to a lady like that, you ask nicely." You smirked as he glared at you. "Say please." You sang, batting your eye-lashes.

Greedler was stubborn from what you can see and that he gets anything he wants. Well we just have to change that. "No." You smiled at his answer and turned your back to him. "Okay. Stay there all day and night, while the last tree will get cut."

Greedler saw how intimidating you could be and now he's seen that you knew how to get your way. Your (h/c) hair that flown gently in the breeze, along with your grass green dress that hugged your body fine as the dress fluffed out toward the bottom. The vines that tattooed your arms and legs made you look more dangerous, yet beautiful.

Greedler hates being the way he is to you, but he couldn't go soft on you for you had the power to grow Truffula Trees, though his feelings seemed to sprout and grow more and more every time you came around.

You wondered what was taking him so long, so you turned and snorted at the look on his face. Dazed. "Greedler?" He didn't answer. "Greedler?" It started to get irrating, so you snapped your fingers. "Hey! Listen!"

Greedler shoook his head. "What?" You rolled your eyes, then smirked, leaning in close to his face. Greedler tried to look away only to have his head held in place by the vine, he shivered when you gently brushed his hair with a smirk. "You like me......don't you?" Greedler, glared. "No, I don't." You knew, making you a little mad.

The vines started to sprout thorns and Greedler got a little frightened. "Well, here I thought I liked you.......possibly loved you." You grinned, then dropped him on the ground before concentrating on making more Truffula Trees.

Soon Truffula Trees popped up everywhere as you stumbled a bit from all the energy. Greedler got up and held you gently a little worried. "This is probably the last time I'll do this." HIs eyes widened from your reply, then got angry. "Why is that?"

You stood then turned away. "This is using too much energy and I'm not my mother. Not yet. If I continue doing this I'll..........fade." Greedler's anger washed away, thinking was this all worth you fading? Or is his business more important? "Not like you care anyway." You say strongly. Greedler looked at you as you tried to pull away but he held on.

"Gree-Mmph!" Your lips had collided with his as Greedler pulled you into him for a very passionate kiss, one that told you that he did care. "Don't say that. I may be the way I am, but I fell for you. So intimadating, dangerous, and.........beautiful." Greedler smirked, running a finger down the side of your cheek. A blush barley visable on your cheeks, but the smirk on your face made Greedler confused.

"I'll stay with you Greedler, BUT you're gonna have a problem with me to try and stop you. The Lorax and Mother's orders." You sighed as Greedler rolled his eyes, then smirked. "A little bad girl here, aren't we?"

You laughed, then grew a rose, handing it to him as you made your way inside the factory, then you turned to him with your hands behind your back. "Well every rose has it's thorn, Mr. Greedler."

Greedler flinched as a thorn grew and pricked his finger.

"Intimidating and dangerous and beautiful I shall be." You said like a genie.

Greedler chuckled. "I thought you said you're not a genie?"

"I'm not.........I'm (Y/n)........Daughter of Mother Nature."

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