Say Something (Onceler x Male/Fem! Reader) Part 2

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(Guys if you haven't read "EVERYTIME  THE  RAIN COMES DOWN", then read it because this is the "PART 2" you asked for. Enjoy!

Warning for slight swear words and abuse.)


Say Something - Damion Dawn and Anna Blue

Tick tock tick tock, soon it's gonna be too late~

Tick tock tick tock, so baby don't you let me wait~

Tick tock tick tock, everything could be alright~

Tick tock tick tock, but you're just letting time go by~

You gotta say something, say something~

Say something now~

Everything was just an usual dark color that looked unreal yet real. It just confused you greatly. So much confused you that everything would be there then it wasn't, only to come back when you thought it wasn't real. Why? Alone in this place, but-


You cried out in frustration and confusion. Nothing made sense anymore. You don't know how long you've been in this damned place. The very place you never wanted to be anymore, you even tried to leave but you ended up in the same place you walked out of. There was no such thing as sleep either and you were tired, not able to rest. Only be restless.

The place was very old and falling apart but it didn't cave down. Though there was one thing you hated. It always occurred over and over and over. Too many times that it made you lose all hope.......everything.

But there was one thing that you hated most, one that made you crumble so easily over. And over. And over again.

"(Y/n)!" Onceler's voice calls out happily and you glance up, tearing since you're not alone anymore.

"Onceler!?" You get up and run to him as you both are in a very tight embrace. You felt so happy like it was all going to be okay. To feel his warmth him his body gave you so much safety and comfort. His voice spoke softly,

"I love you."

Your eyes widen when you suddenly felt nothing in your arms. Onceler was nowhere in site and you began to panic, looking all over the dreaded place.

"Onceler! Onceler this isn't funny! WHERE ARE YOU!?!"

It was all gone just like that. The warmth. The happiness. His voice. His love. It always made you feel abandoned. He would disappear out of thin air right when he said those words. You tried to change it and say it to him, but everytime........he would disappear like he was never there.


"Come on. We can get out of here, (Y/n)."

His hand held yours tightly like he didn't want to lose you and you see Onceler look at you concerned.

"Real.....really?" Your voice croaked from yelling so much and so weak mentally.

Onceler nods, smiling gently and pulls you up. You two walked to the entrance.


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