Greedler x Sick! Reader (Part 1)

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"Greedler, Honey?" The slight pale young woman with (h/c) hair, peeked into the office of the Greedler who happened to be working on paperwork to make his company bigger. The young man in green doesn't look up. "Yes, (Y/n)?" Shakily, you took slow footsteps toward him. "I was out for a walk like usual and I seemed to notice the river is starting to get.....oily." Greedler shut his eyes, before sighing, not really really noticing your pale feature. "(Y/n) darling. How many times do I have to tell you. I'm not shutting the factory off. I need to keep it running 24/7 to keep money coming." The sudden heavy feeling in your chest came again, then nodded. "Okay......I'll.....just go now." Everytime. You try to convince your lover to see that money wasn't always the answer to everything, but it never worked. Days past as something began to happen to you. All that walking around outside with that pollution had formed something inside you. One of Greedler's brothers came in with a worried look. "Hey, Greedler." "What is it Brett?" "Chett and me were watching the door when (Y/n) fell over." Greedler stopped his writing, looking at his brother. "What?!" He go up from his chair in a hurry. Shocked. That's all he felt right now as he watched the paramedics roll your pale body away. (E/c) orbs stared outside the hospital window, seeing the polluted scenery. *When will you see Greedler?* You thought as a doctors came in to test on you again. Greedler had paid everyone non-stop to find a cure. Doctor to Doctor. None knew what caused his beautiful and kind lover to end this way, but they did know she only had a month before she went. Greedler stressed. It was either his company or you. *Which is more important?* He thought, continuing to read paperwork again. From your window, the factory was in the distance and you whispered. "Why can't you see?" Everyday, since you got sick. Greedler hasn't been able to visit, though you know he's paying anyone and everyone to help you get better. But so far........nothing. Those people he pay don't even do anything and just want money. You got weaker. He starts thinking. Tears left your eyes as it came to the last day of the month and you had given up on waiting to see Greedler again. He was never going to change. That money has wrapped around his brain. More tears poured. You will never see your lover again. What you didn't notice was that the factory wasn't letting out dark smoke anymore. Footsteps echoed throughout the hospital in a rush. The sound of the tv with boring channels was the only thing you heard with slight pain in your body. *He won't come*. A voice said in your mind. *His company, his factory, and the money is all he thinks of* Your ears heard the room door open. *Just another doctor.* "I don't want to see anyone right now, doctor." Your voice soft yet raspy. Greedler, stopped in the doorway. A feeling of guilt and regret as he sees your appearance. Lost Hope. "(Y-Y/n)?" Your eyes snapped open at the familiar voice of Greedler. The site of him, caused you to cry more. His appearance consisted of messy hair, bags under his eyes, and winkled clothes. Had THE Greedler been worried about you? Of course. Greedler ran to embrace you as you did the same, but pulled away. "Why are you here? Aren't you suppose to be running your company-" "No." He interrupted you, hugging you tightly. "You come first, more than anything. Even if I do let money run my life......" Your heart ached at the last part. "......(y/n). My love for you will always over come it." Tears fell from his eyes as he began to sob. "I don't want you to go (Y/n)! Please, don't leave me alone with this....this.....useless company! I love you to much to lose you!" You began to sob, hearing the meaning in each word. Both of you found yourselves kissing each other. "I love you too, Greedler." You placed your forehead on his. "I'll never leave you." That night, Greedler stayed with you. The next morning the doctors came in as Greedler paced around the room which you weren't in. "Mr. Greedler."

(Sorry if it's kinda you know dark, but my friend helped me this one.)

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