Flirty! Onceler x Shy! Reader

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Ever since he first saw you walking around Greenville. His heart would flutter and a smile would never leave his face. Everyday, he kept his distance, watching from afar, but one day the tall young man decided to make his move. The shy girl sat on the bricked fountain, concentrating on her writing and smiling away. Sounds of the birds, water, and people were comforting with one ear bud in to listen to her music. Your lips mouthed lyrics silently when you felt a presence sit next to you, which you snap your head in it's direction. There sat a tall young man with tussled black hair with a grey fedora on and blue eyes. He grinned, "Hi! I'm new here in town, could you give directions to your house?" At that, you got up and walk off. The young man, frowned. His heart heavy as you left, but he wasn't giving up and tried the next day. You wondered why this guy kept following you, I mean, who wouldn't think that if you had a random guy you didn't know come up to start flirting with you. "I'm sorry, I don't think we've meet. i wouldn't forget a pretty face like that." Walk away. Next day. "I must be in a museum, because you truly are work of art." Up and away. Next day. "You must be a ninja, because you snuck into my heart." It was getting rediculus, but as days went on. You got comfortable with him as he meant no harm and tried to atempt to get your attention. This got amusing for you as his pick up lines got better. The young man started to felt more comfortable around you and he was happy you didn't try to walk away, so he continued for he wanted to hear your voice. For awhile, he thought about a good line. "What should I say? to make her laugh!" From afar, your gaze went over to the young man who seemed to be talking to himself and smiled. Things you knew about him is that he was sure a goofy dork, kind, and humorous guy. (E/c) orbs went back to the (fav.writing book) and wrote, which the young man took the oppertunity go over. He sat down, sliding next to you with flirtatious smile. "Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? Because green eggs and......damn!" Laughter erupted from next to him as stared at you wide eyed. You couldn't help yourself because you got to admit that was the most funny pick up line you ever heard. You hands went over your mouth, trying to calm from all the laughing. The young man thought about what he said and began to laugh himself. "Oh geez. I think that was the worst one I thought of." Rubbing his neck in embarrassment. "I thought it was very funny." He sat up with surprise, mouth agape at you. You even surprised yourself at your reply and quickly got up to leave. The young man realized that and stood with his hand out at you, but you were to far from reach. "W-wait! Aren't you forgetting something?" You stopped to turn your head in his direction, tilting it in a 'what' manner. "Me!" He said nervously, holding his arms out. A snicker was resceived and you smiled, shaking your head in amusment, then waved at him before leaving. His smile grew and chuckled as he made his way back home. Happy he got you to talk and laugh. This time the young man had purchased one (fav.flower) and made his way to the fountain, but one thing he noticed was that you weren't writing. Just listening to music, so he sat next to you. "Hi." You said. The young man still was surprised, but otherwise smiled at you. "Hi. Um.....this is for you." Gently you took the (fav.flower) from him and grinned at him. "Thank you. No pick-lines?" You asked quietly yet amused. He smirked, standing up and holds out his hand. "Would you hold this for me while i go for a walk?" You chuckled. "Sure." Taking his hand, you two began to walk throughout the sidewalks of Greenville. "My name's Onceler, by the way." Onceler smiled at you as a smile graced your lips. "I like that name. It's different and unique than everyone else." Onceler blushed lightly. "What's your name?" "(Y/n)."

(Hey!!!! I'll be making Greedler x Sick! Reader next!!!)

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