All About Your Heart (Onceler x Chubby! Reader)

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(I'm sorry if it's short, hopefully you'll enjoy it.)


"You're beautiful. You're perfect the way you are. Don't mind them. Ignore them. You're not fat."

You mumble and kick the soft yet cool grass beneath your feet. The sun was touching the horizon, reflecting warm colors upon the heavens. It was better to come out during the evening and at night, since everyone wouldn't be out. Less people, less self-conscious thoughts.

It was hard to believe that you're perfect the way you are, especially how society acts today. Of course, there are others who dont give a heck about anything and you wish you could be like them.

You pull your hoodie closer to your body, getting the feeling of self-consciousness. With a sigh, you watch the sky as you continue walking and letting a calm aura sweep around you.

"Come out here often?"

You roll your eyes at the playful question and nudge the Onceler as he keeps in step with you.

"You know that answer."

Onceler laughs lightly and you two now walk in silence. The thought comes back and you fix your shirt, crossing your arms afterwards. Onceler noticed and smiled, taking off his fedora and placing on your head.

You gave him a shy smile and look up ahead, then sigh, "All these big girls are so pretty along with the thin girls. I mean....." You wave your hands around, ".....LOOK at ME! I'm not big, nor am I thin. Im just in between."

Your face flushes in embarrassment, almost tearing as you wave to your body, "I have a muffin top, I'm.....I'm just a lone potato. Nobody wants a potato."

Taking the fedora off, you stop walking, "Why do you even like me, Onceler? A potato."

Onceler raised his brow and smiles softly, "You're not a potato, (Y/n). You're a human being and an amazing one at that. To be honest, your appearance isn't what I saw first." He looks up with a dreamy daze, "Actually, its what I heard."

You felt confused, "Meaning?"

His blue eyes look at you with a loving expression, "Your voice. Its what made me see who you were." He chuckles, "I mean, i know you use profanities so much when you're mad or frustrated, but I just love hearing it."

You pout, "So you love my out of tone singing?"

Onceler grins, "Yep! But I do love all of you. You being you." He hugs you close, "I will help you through these thoughts, Sweet Pea. I know it gets too overwhelming, but please remember I'm here to help you."

You wrap your arms around him, feeling happy and safe in his hold. "I know. You told me many times and I'm glad you remind me."

Pulling away, Onceler takes your hand in his and kisses your forehead, "Lets go home."

You move to put his arm around you and began to walk. Your head lays on his shoulder and you smile warmly up at him. What would you without Onceler?

Onceler looks at you, grinning and takes the fedora again to place on your head. You two laugh and continue on home.

Onceler stares up at the night sky and sighs in content because it's all about your heart.

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