Suit Shopping (Greedler x Childish Reader)

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(A request for 00BrokenDisney00 . Hopefully it's what you wanted. Enjoy! ^.^)


*Greedler's Bedroom*

"Oncie, you need a better suit than this." Greedler glances down at his green suit and rolls his eyes at his mother. People would call him Greedler because of all the money but mostly his expensive green suit with gold here and there.

"My suit is very comfortable and my style, so thank you for noticing that." He said to his mother with sarcasm. She clicks her tongue and glares a bit, "At least ONE different colored suit."

"No." He slips on his green gloves with a bored expression, "Now please leave my room, mom." Greedler's mother groans, "But Oncie!"

*Outside the Bedroom Door*

"You hear that, kid? Maybe you can try to do something here." The Lorax said with a grin as you blink innocently, "Like what?"

You watch the orange being think, then snap his fingers which indicated he had an idea, "Embarrass him! You have to go out in public to find clothes, right? Especially since it's around high professional humans."

The Lorax's words didn't exactly register in your mind since all you heard, "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Blah Blah, Blah...." You continued to space out until you jumped when you heard a snap. "Are you listening, (Y/n)?"

All the Lorax got was fast reply from you, "Yes!" He facepalmed, "Just go embarrass, Beanpole, at the clothes store." You nod, grinning and kicked open the doors.

Greedler and his mom looked at the loud bang from the doors being kicked open. "I wanna come with you!!!" You say happily and loudly, causing the two to cringe. His mother made a disgusted face at you, rolling her eyes, "Why are you here?"

You pout, "Because I was sent by the Gods to HELP this guy...." Your hands wave at Greedler who pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance, " a BETTER life!" Greedler sighs loudly, "You mean the one and only Lorax, not Gods."

You ignore him then point at his mother, "I don't like you." She growls, "I don't like you either, you animal." With a sassy pose, you cross your arms, " a (Y/n). A special edition to this world AND one of a kind, lady."

"My Oncie could've found a better edition."

Greedler quickly grabbed you around the waist before you could even jump at his mother, "LET ME AT HER! LET ME AT HER!!!"

*In the Limo*

"IIIIII LOVE CANDY!!! IIIIII LOVE CANDY!!!" You yelled at the top of your lungs out the window. Music blasted loudly from the passing vehicle, causing people to look at the Limo owned by the famous money making man.

Greedler groaned, hiding his face in his hands and happy he's hiding inside the tinted vehicle while your half way out the window. The Lorax had been brought along as well to, "Keep you settled down", which is very horrible job right now.

"Look, Lorax, I brought you to keep her calm! She's practically embarrassing right now." Greedler pulled you back inside as you sang more and he covered his ears. The Lorax smirked to himself, "Oh this is her definition of calm, Beanpole. You have to put up with it, just like I have for years."

"WE'RE HERE!" You squeal loudly, throwing open the door and running to a fancy looking place that sold hand made suit. "Oh boy." Greedler said in another groan, walking out while the Lorax chuckled.

*Fancy Suit Store*

"Don't. Touch. Anything." When Greedler turned to you and Lorax.............both of you were gone. "Why do I even bother? Oh yeah, they can ruin my reputation." He heard chuckling and giggling not far from the desk, which a lady went to get suits to try on.

He walked over to a scene which is very embarrassing. You were wearing a top hat with dark shades and a golden tail coat with black gloves. All around you and the Lorax had mannequins circling a small shelf.

"ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT!" You shout, slamming a shiny shoe on the surface of the small shelf. The lorax grin, moving a mannequin that looked like Greedler, doing a horrible impression of the greedy man, "But your judginess!"

You raise your brow at the Lorax, "Is that even a word?" He shrugged, smiling, "It is in my dictionary." You think then grin, "Fine by me. Greedler, you have committed crime for chopping down the trees without permission and for trespassing!"

Every one of the rich folks stopped what they were doing and watched you. Greedler panicked and blushed immensely by the last thing you said, "Also he has committed crime for wearing pink truffula tuff trousers!"

Everyone had started to laugh, even the Lorax as he fell over laughing. You helped when you're pulled into a dressing room and see Greedler lock the door.

"What is your PROBLEM!?" He yelled, throwing his hands up. You shrugged, innocently smiling, "What? Its the truth."

"But they didn't need to know THAT!" He growled a bit, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I knew I should've left you two. This is MY business and you're just so ANNOYING!!!"

Your smile faded into a frown as he kept rambling on. You won't admit it out loud but his words hurt. So you've done the only thing you could do without saying anything to him.

"Don't you know how much time I've wasted taking care of y-" Greedler stopped once he felt something soft hit his chest then heard sniffling. His eyes glance down to see the top of your head along with your shaking shoulders.

A gloved hand ran over his face with a unsure expression, "(Y/n)?" You don't answer and cry silently. Greedler realized he had never seen you like this. "Hey. Stop it."

You felt soft gloved hands cup under your chin to have you look up at Greedler. He gently wipes your tears and sighs, "Will you stop if I let you pick out my new suit?"

Thinking about it, you sniff and nod but still have a frown upon your face. Greedler sorts through his brain then kisses your cheek.

Your eyes widen and a blush forms on your face. "Look, you're still a special edition in this world and one of a kind. Now go pick out a suit."

A wide happy smile appears and you squeal, bouncing in place, "I KNOW JUST THE SUIT!"

*Back at the Factory*

"Oncie! Oh look at this new suit! I just LOVE the color! It almost looks golden!" Greedler's mother fawning over the fancy tail coat suit.

"Yeah, yeah." He said, looking a bit disgusted at the golden yellow color. He felt a tap on his shoulder then heard you whispering. His expression stared blankly before turning into a stern one.

"No. You are NOT doing that to my mom."

You pout and huff, walking out only to smirk.






You heard Greedler's mother yelling in disbelief along with Greedler's worried voice. Soon, his voice turns to one of anger.


You and the Lorax laugh uncontrollably, giving each other high fives before running to hide.

Different colored markers fall as you run with each step.

Permanent Makers.

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