Happy Un-Birthday! (Greedler x Childish! Reader)

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(If you have no idea who Warden from Superjail is, look it up. This is very random since I needed something to cheer me up, so enjoy.)


"Can we hang out, outside or something?"

"You can. I'm busy."

You let out a long dramatic sigh, blowing a raspberry. "Boooooo..... You're always busy...."

Today was a bit different than the rest, because Greedler had gotten back into his very busy schedule. So absolutely no time for you and it kinda made you a bit depressed. Not your usual child self which is dangerous. Reason being.....it gets dangerously random so it can quench your child meter.

"Greedler! Please do an activity with me! Anything! LOOK!"

Greedler bites his tongue to keep from yelling and stares blankly at the paper you held up. It was an outline of you and inside the line you had colored it (fav_color). The top read, "(Y/n) O-Meter", though the only thing different is that you had erased the color out of it and had only a few centimeters filled in.

"My Me-O-Meter is dangerously LOW! Its never been this low." You dramatically shouted and shook Greedler's shoulders rapidly, "I NEED TO ELIMINATE THE BOREDOM!"

Greedler groaned lightly, rubbing his temples, "(Y/n), maybe later. I have no time, just go do whatever you do everyday." He began reading papers.

You stared at him then pouted, mumbling like a child, "But you said that ALL MONTH."

Greedler doesn't show any emotion that it didn't fazed him, "You're being over dramatic. Its only been a few hours."

You whine, "But in my world, that's a few days.....months.... EVEN YEARS!!!"

All you got was a wave of the green gloved hand. Which meant to leave.

You got up quietly and went out the door but peaked your head back in, "Hey Greedler, may I use your phone in the bedroom?"

Greedler shrugs, "Go right ahead, BUT no prank calls. I dont want the police to come over here again."

A mischievous and evil smirk appeared on your face, "I'm just going to invite a friend over is all." The door closed normally.

Greedler raised his brow and watched the door in suspicion. You were never this calm unless it was a relaxing day. He just shakes his head, continuing with his work.


"Hello, Su-"


"AH!" The other line sounds of papers and the phone falling. "(Y-Y-Y/n)?!"

"Put Warden on the phone! MY ME'O'METER IS EXTREMELY LOW!!!" You shouted in panic and glanced around.


The phone beeped before a voice sang out happily.



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