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Two Sides Of The Same Coin- Once-Ler X Reader by milomeepit
Two Sides Of The Same Coin- Once-L...by Sarah
We all know the story of the Once-ler. Nice guy, made a successful thing, then he got too greedy and he lost everything. The question is, how did that happen? Reader-cha...
  • moodswings
  • onceler
  • reader-insert
The Once-ler and You (Once-ler x Reader) by InMemeVille
The Once-ler and You (Once-ler x R...by InMemeVille
The Once-ler and You is a collection of various short stories and one shots. Each one is either a Once-ler x Reader or Greed-ler x Reader story. Every fanfic has a desc...
  • once-ler
  • romance
  • fanfic
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The Lorax: Girl Scout Adventures  by ElizaPaisley
The Lorax: Girl Scout Adventures by ElizaPaisley
2 girls Eliza and Lindsey are trying to earn their camping badge from their Scoutmaster Giselle in Troope 101 Pretty Pink Girl Scouts and assigned each forest for the c...
  • giselle
  • thelorax
  • girlscouts
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The Grinch X Reader by saltypopsicle
The Grinch X Readerby edward culinary
you know ;) might get smutty eventually (warning) nvm it got smutty good luck
  • newyork
  • coffee
  • grinch
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The Rebels (Jelsa) by MaBelleEvangline
The Rebels (Jelsa)by Got that Jikook Love
Elsa and Jack knew each other before they became immortal. But after death they forgot about each other. Now it's 300 years later and they both have there memories back...
  • thebigfour
  • jealousy
  • httyd
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The Lorax: Unless  by Slinky-Dogg
The Lorax: Unless by Shelby
There are two separate character in the story that you play as. And they both have the same name. One is a child that want to fine out what happen to the trees. The othe...
  • ted
  • thelorax
  • xreader
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How Bad Can I Be? Once-ler X the Lorax (SMUT) by mothertrump
How Bad Can I Be? Once-ler X the L...by I AM GOING TO HELL
How bad can he be? A question only he could ask, and an answer only the Lorax could provide...
  • markiplier
  • kpop
  • undertale
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Jailed My Heart (A Wardenler Fanfic)  by xal-artsx
Jailed My Heart (A Wardenler Fanfi...by The Warden™
Although it would have been sooner or later The Onceler was fined for ruining an entire eco system, he was sentenced to go to prison, but it's not like every normal day...
  • oncelerfandom
  • oncelerfanfition
  • wardenler
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A Guardiã da Floresta by purpleangel3000
A Guardiã da Florestaby purpleangel3000
Alguns conhecem a história da Rapunzel, outros conhecem a história do Once-ler, mas o que aconteceria se estas duas personagens fizessem parte do mesmo universo? E se a...
  • illuminationentertainment
  • disney
  • tangled
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Physically Touchable - Onceler x Reader Fanfiction by KittycatHall
Physically Touchable - Onceler x R...by Kittycat X
[Finished] This is a newer story that will have much more logic and not just newbie fanfiction Onceler trash on it. lots of Adventure! I feel its more enjoyable and he's...
  • lorax
  • physically
  • lemon
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The Strong Hearted Girl (Onceler x reader) by Arrowassasin
The Strong Hearted Girl (Onceler x...by Mak
A young man leaves home to find the perfect material for his invention. A girl who lived in the forest for her whole life. He comes across a beautiful trufflea tree and...
  • romance
  • lorax
  • xreader
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How Bad Could It Be? (Pregnant! Onceler x Danny Devito) by itsjustFEy
How Bad Could It Be? (Pregnant! On...by itsjustFEy
Do you ever wonder what Onceler was like behind the scenes at the Lorax the Movie? This green pregnant Male has so many fun! Danny is a father??? Find out yourself with...
  • celebrity
  • drsuess
  • thelorax
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Oncest one-shots (Lemons) by Exporius
Oncest one-shots (Lemons)by Exporius
Save me from this hell I've unleashed upon this fandom //18+ Lemons//
  • smutwarning
  • oncest
  • gay
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Jailed My Heart: Lovebound (A Warden-Ler Fanfic) by xal-artsx
Jailed My Heart: Lovebound (A Ward...by The Warden™
After the death of Onceler's newly wed husband, Onceler decides to lock himself inside his factory and was never heard of for the past four years. Once an old friend fro...
  • oncelerxwarden
  • oncelerfandom
  • wardenler
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What the Fudge Bodyguard (Once-ler x Reader){Haylo} by x_ShittyOldPistola_x
What the Fudge Bodyguard (Once-ler...by WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB
Once-ler!xShort!Tempermental!Reader! The Once-ler makes his way to the valley with truffulas, barbaloots, swarmie swans, and humming fish, only to later meet a mysteriou...
  • drseuss
  • oncie
  • readerxcharacter
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Oncest Stories by 10kGum
Oncest Storiesby 10kGum
This will be a multiple(if I bring myself to make more) stories of Oncest. So, sit back and relax as you watch your favorite little cutie have a romance with his big, ba...
  • oncest
  • shy
  • lorax
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How the Sexy Grinch Stole my Virginity by TrevBrittan
How the Sexy Grinch Stole my Virgi...by Sexy Guy
Heyy guyss!!! So today I found out about the new grinch movie coming out next year, and he looks really fucking hot, so i made a parody/fanfic;)) warninhg!! Adult😉 cont...
  • riverdale
  • vape
  • onceler
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Lily the princess of the truffula forest  by Lillianwhite2203
Lily the princess of the truffula...by Lillianwhite2203
Lily was excited because it was tonight's the dr. Seuss ball and but unfortunately the party was Interrupted by the dr Seuss villains and they tortured her and pushed he...
  • onceler
  • love
  • lorax
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Unless- A Lorax Documentary  by kneecapstealer_12
Unless- A Lorax Documentary by kneecapstealer_12
The onceler fell into a depression when the love of his life disappeared. But what if the lorax never left?
  • theonceler
  • romance-friendship
  • onceler
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The lorax Onceler x reader by lovemichaelandjared
The lorax Onceler x readerby Percy Sawyer
After a bad day at school You decide to watch the lorax but you tripped over your skates and Went through your tv screen and woked up in thneedvile Will you return hom...
  • lorax
  • onceler
  • xreader